Monday, January 3, 2011

Sum Results from the Challenge

For interest sake I thought I'd gather up and photograph the sum total of the stuff that I managed to get assembled/painted/based for Dallas' 'Fall Painting Challenge'. Granted, three of the infantry units shown had modest beginnings of varying degree before the Challenge, but nonetheless its still a whack of toy soldiers that were just so much lead and plastic a few months ago. I'm not a very fast painter so I find it amazing what a little friendly competition can do! Particular thanks go to Sean, Dallas and Sylvain for spurring me on in this painting frenzy!

For any who may be interested I have more photos and descriptions on my blog.


Greg B said...

That is a very, very impressive family photo dude!

Sylvain said...

The only family member missing in the photo is a smirking Curt. If Napoléon could see this he would say to you: "Curt, je suis content de vous !".