Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And we're back!

It's been quite a delay - between moving, and then working in the recent Manitoba provincial election, I've painted nary a figure for almost three bloody months! To make matters worse, my 15mm sci-fi stuff had disappeared during the move, wrangled by the packing people. My mistake - setting them aside specifically so they wouldn't be packed. That'll learn me....

Well, democracy has run its course for now and we have unpacked nearly all of our stuff at the new place, including a box from the garage that had the label "Misc. Basement", which included a lamp, a face mask for a hockey helmet, and my 15mm sci-fi stuff! Fortunately the foam carrier (seen in the photo above) protected the painted vehicles from the hockey mask.

I'm hoping the Control Battalion and Federal Army from Khurasan can make their debut on the gaming table this week, as I feverishly try and catch up with the 15mm sci-fi painting frenzy in the group.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Future War Commander Battle Report

Last week we rolled out Future War Commander again, mainly because I wanted to see Conscript Mike's new Sahadeen Army out on the table.  I also had some new 15mm terrain semi-completed so I wanted to use those as well.  So we decided to fire up a 2500 point game pitting the Sahadeen rebels against the Earth Force oppressors.

The battlefield consisted of a built up area containing two objective buildings, and a third objective structure near the other table edge.  The scenario required the attacker (Sahadeen Mike) to destroy the three objectives while the defender (Earth Force, me) defended them.  I had to deploy a third of my force on table with the rest coming via mobile deployment.  All of Mike's army mobile deployed and he got first turn.

The game was a bit difficult for me, for two reasons.  One, I had only one command stand on-table and it was therefore rather difficult to control the sentry force.  Second, I kept forgetting to move the command stand in the end phase so the rolls stayed difficult due to distance from the troops!

Mike's big tank (on hill in background) dwarfed even my heaviest stuff.

We also learned that in FWC, taking a defended building is very difficult when the defenders are unsuppressed.  This is as it should be!

Here's a typical Command roll for my army command stand.  It's been this way every time I've used these guys.  I wonder if the Khurasan command figures are somehow incompatible with the Rebel Minis models that make up the rest of the army...?

Mike kabooms an objective.  As I recall, the troops sent in to do the job ended up atomized due to a catastrophic explosion.

"We have you partially surrounded. Come out with your hands up!"

 Mike's flanking force (commanded by Brian) is about to roll up on the third objective.

The end result was a clear victory for Mike's Sahadeen rebels.

In related news, I received a review copy of Tomorrow's War in the post today and we will proceed to set up a game in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned to the blog!