Thursday, April 28, 2022

28mm Perry DAK Platoon and HMGs

Well the German side of my Western Desert project has been going great guns, and in fact is nearly completed (well, inasmuch as any wargaming project can really be "completed"). Last weekend, I took advantage of the snowstorm and generally shit weather to finish off two MG34 teams and the rest of the plastic DAK platoon from the Perrys.
I really like the Perry MG34 teams, for a few reasons. One is that they include not two, not three, but FOUR crew. Three of the crew fit well on a round base with the MG, while the fourth is based separately (as it happens, on a Canadian 5-cent piece, which is exactly the same size as the Perry plastic bases). 

Another reason to like this set is that the poses and sculpts are just great, typical excellent Perry animation and anatomy. They fit in really well with the realistically proportioned plastic sculpts. I did two of these sets to give my DAK platoon some real supporting firepower. The only thing about painting the crew is an issue I always have with crew-served weapons - and that is basing. If you base the models before painting, you can do the groundwork and prime the base all in one shot, but it can make painting the figures themselves awkward as you have to work your brush in around the weapon and the other models on the base. But if you paint the figures first and base afterwards, you either have to do the groundwork around the painted figures, or leave spaces in the groundwork for the figures' bases, and even then you still have more groundwork to do after. Neither are ideal.   

Now onto the plastics themselves. First off the command section - this includes the CO, sergeant, MG34 team, anti-tank rifle team, radioman, and messenger. They're all good models, but it has to be noted that the box set doesn't include enough Kar98 rifles to equip everybody who should have one. I had to dig into my spares box for some extras to dole out - you'll see that later in the post. And while the CO is a pretty nice model, I'll probably eventually upgrade him to the metal version in the Perrys' command section blister pack. 

Here's one ten-man section - NCO with MP40, MG 34 team, and seven riflemen.

Second verse, same as the first. The third section in the platoon was posted before.

Here's what I mean by the extra rifles needed for the platoon. The two models at left and the one at right have metal rifles from (I think) Bolt Action Miniatures, before they were absorbed by Warlord Games. I had to do some sculpting of hands on all of these models (including the one with the plastic Kar98) and while they aren't great, they are good enough for the tabletop. It just would've been nice for the Perrys to have put enough rifles on the sprue for everyone though.

Here's the entire platoon with supporting MGs - I'm gonna call them done for now, and move onto painting them some 8th Army opponents.

And yes... heia Safari!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Blitzkrieg Miniatures 1/48 DAK Pzkpfw. III(F)

Although I already have a couple Pzkpfw.IVs for my Afrika Korps force, you can never have enough tanks, right? And since I was missing the real workhorse of the DAK - the Pzkpfw.III - it was a must to pick one up. So I ordered one from Blitzkrieg Miniatures in the UK, a manufacturer I'd heard lots about but had never dealt with.

So here's the result - one Pzkpfw.III Ausf. F with which I'm very pleased. The package arrived from the UK quite promptly, albeit one model short (a Grant for the 8th Army), but Paul of Blitzkrieg has assured me it's now en route. The really good thing about ordering direct is that shipping is a flat 8.99GBP, and that is a deal nowadays.
The model is really superb and comes in correct 1/48 scale, and even included cast-on stowage on the rear deck. In fact I was surprised at the lack of assembly required - the tracks and hull are one piece of resin, the turret another, and the only assembly required is to add the main gun, hull MG and hatch. The detail on the piece is actually pretty remarkable given the lack of parts to assemble.

Of course, the model comes without decals, so I added my own from the folder - the DAK insignia is from Warlord's Bolt Action range, I think it came on a sheet that was included with a 1/56 (choke) vehicle I bought from them. The model was painted to match my other DAK tanks - it was a bit tricky to get a good colour match but it came good in the end.

I just love this big number on the back of the turret!

Verdict on Blitzkrieg Miniatures vehicles? Highly recommended - they're well detailed and require minimal (and I mean MINIMAL) assembly. Plus shipping is reasonable. I have a Stuart Honey to paint for the 8th Army as well as the Grant when it arrives, so you'll soon see more of these great models on this blog for sure.

Oh and one last thing... heia Safari!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Primaris Hellblasters for 40k Raven Guard

Primaris Hellblaster models - multi-part plastic figures from GW.

These guys have been sitting, primed, on or near my painting desk for like a year and a half! So while I'm beavering away on some 30k projects in the background, I thought I would just get these guys finished off. This is a unit of "Hellblasters", Primaris Space Marines from GW's Warhammer 40k setting. They are multi-part plastic models, painted in my interpretation of the colours of the Raven Guard Chapter, accentuated with embossed Raven Guard accents from one of the relevant accessory kits.

I was trying to get an "aiming" vibe with this guy, but in the end, with the angle of his head, he almost looks to be more confused about whatever he is about to blast...that can't be right for a Space Marine!

As always, I try to use a "beakie" style helmet on the officer, even on the Primaris kits.

These newer, larger plastic Space Marine kits tend to offer a number of variations on the main weapon - in this case, a plasma incinerator of some kind. These models, with the extra power cables connecting their weapons to an additional auxiliary unit on their backpacks, are carrying to heaviest/hardest-hitting variant of the gun. So these particular Marines are less mobile, but their weapons are likelier to hurt heavily armoured enemies, a useful bit of variety for my 40k Raven Guard (although I find the "Eradicators" to be much more useful for that).

A view showing the enhanced power packs and cable connections for the plasma weaponry.

I had built and primed these guys quite a while ago, and finding the Hellblasters to be not-that-useful during games, they had not received any paint...but enough was enough, and I thought it was time to get them painted up. After all, I think it is good to try and appease the Hobby Gods by, every so often, painting up some of the longer-suffering figures, and I am trying to boost my available 40k Raven Guard force toward the 2,000 point level, so good to get these fellows painted.

Ready for some blasting on the gaming table...

And, as heavily-armoured, scary space soldiers with terrifying guns, these guys look the part, and fit in well with emerging range of new (in relative terms) Space Marine models. Hopefully they will get the chance to blast some poor heretic or Xenos form to bits on a gaming table soon. That's all for now - thanks for reading, and I hope that, where you live, "spring" is actually happening...because it certainly isn't happening in Canada this year...

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Inferallti Hussars Transport and Heavy Flamer Squad

 A while back I started a new 30k Army based on the Imperial Militia and Cults army list for Horus Heresy based on the "Old Hundred" regiment known as the Inferallti Hussars. The army list allows for extensive customization in the form of Provenances of War that bestow special stats and bonuses usually in exchange for certain restrictions. On of the options is survivors of the dark age. For people unfamiliar with Warhammer 30k, it follows a period known as the Age of Strife which saw the technological achievements of the previous era largely lost. however, not all societies fell quite so hard and some remnants maintained more advanced technology from a bygone age. Rules wise this Provenance provides +1 to all units armour saves, representing more advanced armour. This rule also allows you to take rhino's and a Land Raider Proteus as a dedicated transport! Thematically, I wanted to add both to the army. I painted up a rhino a while ago, but kept putting off the Land Raider. Last week I finally managed to get to it.

I also painted up a heavy weapon squad. The army list allows you to field a base squad of 5 heavy weapons. The options include all the usual options for an Imperial Guard army with the addition of heavy flamers! With the survivors provenance, they get a 4+ save too. I used a 10 man squad of Forge World Solar Auxilia flamer section mounted 2 to a base.

I doubt this army would perform well against any of the Space Marine Legions, but that's fairly thematic. It sucked to be a normal dude fighting alongside superhumans.

Thanks for visiting

1/48 8th Army Valentine and Universal Carrier

So here's another random update of the ongoing War in the Western Desert project... some tuned-up British "armour" (and I use that term quite loosely).

Many years ago I acquired some desert armour in a trade... among the stuff I got were some Shermans (since repainted for NW Europe), a couple of early Pzkpfw IVs, a Fuman/Bandai Valentine, and a Tamiya Universal Carrier. The latter two models are pictured here.

The models were painted in base colours with a wash of some kind, and decals had been applied. I just needed to tune 'em up a bit with some more washes and sponge chipping, plus adding some stowage and a Perry tank commander to the Valentine.

I also added crew to the Carrier - these are standard Tamiya dudes with berets swapped for helmets. To complete the model I stuck a metal Bren gun in the firing port.

Insignia of 6th Armoured Division on rear fender. This will be fine for North Africa.

I kinda wished I could find a crewman for this Carrier other than "pointing guy". But oh well.

I have a Tamiya Matilda to be assembled yet, a Stuart Honey from Blitzkrieg in primer, and a Grant supposedly on the way from them too - already bought and paid for but they missed packing it in my order. That should do for British armour for the time being.

Meanwhile, back to the DAK platoon that is sooooo close to done! 

Monday, April 18, 2022

28mm 8th Army Six-Pounder AT Guns

Escalation in the Western Desert continues... I picked up these 28mm Bolt Action 6-pounders and crews from Tista Minis a couple weeks ago - they're the first Brits I've painted for the 8th Army part of the Western Desert project.

Each gun comes with three crew. The base is wood, from Michaels. It's 3" diameter and just about ideal for mounting AT guns. They come 6 in a pack for $3.49.

The crew and gun were painted in the usual way - starting with AK Interactive Light Earth and an Agrax Earthshade wash, highlighting back up to AKILE, and adding some sponge chipping for weathering.

I quite like the animation of the crew here, they're all quite busy with essential tasks. It's just too bad there's no obvious commander for the gun.

Should cause some trouble for the Panzers, what? I decided to go straight for six-pounders in the 8th Army arsenal as the German armour I've got going is on the heavier side, and two-pounders just wouldn't make much of a game.

Fortunately the desert is still holding my attention (re-reading the excellent "War Without Hate" is helping) and I have some more stuff in the pipeline, including the DAK infantry platoon and Panzer reinforcements. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Getting Back to 30k

Land Raider, Armoured Proteus Variant, painted in the colours of the VI Legion Astartes - resin model from Forge World.

It had been a while since there has been 30k content moving across my painting desk, and as the dust settled on another Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, the thought had been growing in my mind that it was about time to add to the painting side of my 30k pile. When Curt's annual Challenge wraps up, I always take a short breather, but I do sort of always need to be painting something, and usually only a few days go by before I am itching to get the brushes to work on something.

Always fun to check out the not-carbon-neutral propulsion systems on The Emperor's vehicles...

At around the same time the Challenge wrapped up, GW made the formal announcement of new plastic models coming for the Horus Heresy range...well, the jolt of marketing hype pushed my brushes into action. You can see the initial results here - an "Armour Proteus" Land Raider, painted in the colours of the VI Legion Astartes, the Vylka Fenryka. 

I should note, however, that this particular tank was more of a re-paint than a new assemble/paint job. I am doing a bit of consolidation on the loyalist side of my collection, and the vehicle models that had previously been part of my small Iron Hands force are being "re-assigned", as it were, to other loyalists. I'm sure Ferrus Manus would be furious, but...well, who cares, he was beheaded anyway.

Land Raiders are iconic pieces of 30k/40k kit, and I am particularly fond of this "Armoured Proteus" variant for the vehicle, with the twin heavy bolter mount on the front. These vehicles provide combat power and transport capability - and if you play using the fan-made 8th/9th edition of the rules, they are also close to indestructible on the table.

Twin lascannon batteries on the side sponsons, classic Land Raider armament, ready for action on the gaming table.

GW's marketing has launched the steady drip of preview photos and articles that will be released bit by bit in the run-up toward the release of what appears to be a new edition of the Horus Heresy rules. Wow! There will be lots to say and vent about that as time goes along, but for now, it is good to be painting some more stuff for my 30k collection - I hope to be sharing more with all of you as the spring goes along. That's all for now - thanks for ready, and happy painting and gaming!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

“Mayday! Mayday!” Star Wars Campaign Game 4

Thursday night, I  ran Game 4 of the ongoing Star Wars campaign for my fellow Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, using the Galactic Heroes sci fi skirmish rules set. 

The Imperials were about to take off in a small free trader starship, when a Rebel strike force boarded them. The goal of both sides was to  control BOTH the engine room and the bridge. Anything else would be a draw. 

The Rebels were led by Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren. Each led a squad breaching one of the ship’s two airlocks. The Imperial Navy crew was joined by an Inquisitor, the Second Sister (the former Jedi, Barriss Offee) leading some Deathtroopers. The photo at the top of the page are the various leaders used. 

The Navy crew set up in the bridge and engine room, and others set up in the main corridor as a reserve. The medical droid was in the cargo hold riding shotgun on an occupied bacta tank. 

With a good card draw, the Inquisitor stood Ready at the main airlock. As Ahsoka opened the hatch, the Inquisitor Pushed against the crowded Rebels, throwing some back but receiving some Shock herself as she faced her former friend, Ahsoka. Failing to draw any red cards, Ahsoka attacked anyways. The resulting epic lightsaber duel lasted a couple of turns, but Bariss eventually went Out of Action with a severed left arm. 

Ahsoka managed to clear out the bridge, rolling successive natural 10+ die rolls. Her accompanying Rebel Troopers mixed it up with the Deathtroopers in the corridor. 

Meanwhile, at the stern of the ship Sabine survived a couple of shots to the face (hooray for the Queen of Hearts!) and engulfed the entire engine room with her flamer. The flamer shot caused only Shocks, then the affair devolved into a series of Multiple Combats as figures moved into the engine spaces. Here, Sabine and the Medical droid had the advantage, being the only ones armed with close combat weapons (respectively, a vibroknife and surgical instruments). 

Back in the corridor, both sides took losses as another Multiple Combat mid-corridor was fed by successive activations. Ahsoka joined the fray, but she dropped her short shoto lightsaber and was then knocked out cold by a rifle butt to the head. 

By the 7th turn there were only two Imperial models left on the table. A Deathtrooper was down and wounded in the corridor facing a trio of blaster armed Rebels, and a double-shocked Navy rating stood outnumbered 3 to 1 in the engine room. The Imperials threw in the towel and we called the game. 

In the immediate aftermath of the game, the Rebels took off in their stolen ship. Sabine unceremoniously shoved the bacta tank out the cargo hold into space, eradicating whatever Imperial clone experiment lay inside. Ahsoka will have some time to recover from her concussion, and also to nurse Barriss back to health and try to convince the former Jedi healer to come back to the Light. 


Thanks to Bill, Frederick, and Hugh for playing with me, and to Dallas for stopping by to hang out and show off some new figures from Sqaumous Miniatures, including a squad of Hoth veterans for me!