Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nurgle Tune-up

Inspired by Conscript Greg's efforts on tuning up his Imperial Guard, last weekend I embarked upon a mini-project to repaint some of my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.  Most of these models have been in service for a long time - Conscript Sean will recall the "Big Score" at the PrairieCon auction almost 10 years ago where I obtained many of these models packed into a box and a yogourt container (!) for a sum of money so ridiculously low that you might not believe it.  But that was not atypical for me and Sean ;-)

The army started out as a Chaos Undivided force in Black Legion colours - black armour with gold trim.  Soon some more Plague Marines joined the crew and most of the plastic CSM were sold off when I chose to go with a Nurgle theme for the entire army.  I diligently painted the models in a bright green scheme but was never quite happy with how they turned out - they seemed a bit too "clean" for Nurgle lads.  So I had this bright idea to redo the colours in a more putrescent theme - baby sh!t brown - that better suits the corrupted, putrid look we all adore in the children of our favourite Chaos god...

Forge World Plague Ogryn, "Terry".
Metal CSM Dreadnought with some greenstuff work.
Squad of Plague Marines.  The banner is from the Fantasy Zombie boxed set, held by a converted OOP Marine.
Squad of Plague Marines.  The "magix mix" is Catachan Green highlighted with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Camo Green.
More Plague Marines.
Predator 525.  This is an original survivor of the Black Legion warband.  I always thought that the Squat victim pinned to the front was a nice touch so I left it.  The Squat model was a gift from Conscript Curt back in the day - thanks mang!
Rear view of the Predator.  Rusty razor wire came from Antenocitu's Workshop, I love the effect.
Chaos Lord re-purposed to the worship of Nurgle!
Blight Drone - Bilecyst (bicyclist?) of Nurgle.  A Christmas present from my dear wife!  Easy to assemble and painted up nicely - I love this model.
Big Ty.  I think his proudest moment was at an event at the local GW where he was killed by a 10-year-old, who then loudly proclaimed "No Wind of Chaos for you!!"  A perennial underachiever but I love the model.
Frick and Frack, Chaos Spawn.  These were a quick paintjob this weekend.
Chaos Raptors, again repainted in Nurgle colours.  I have another squad unpainted, but those are the newer models with cooler jump packs.  I'm thinking of replacing these old winged packs with aftermarket resin items to match better with the new style packs.
Chaos Terminator Squad.  I love these old models and they're getting hard to find, especially the Reaper autocannon model.  Good to have in the army.
Rhino 4 - another original Black Legion vehicle, now with added rust and razor wire!
Rhino 5, more of the same disgusting mess.
Before and after shots - subtle colour change but much more to my liking now.
More obvious on the vehicles!
Family portrait - everybody say "Contagion!"


Curt said...

Great stuff! I particularly like the 'Blight Drone'. You know you have a loving and sympathetic partner when they buy you something as f*cked up as this for a Christmas gift.

Greg B said...

Awesome work dude! Damn Nurgle byciclists...

Sylvain said...

You are the Da Vinci of sick colors.

Muskie said...

Nice army. I repainted a bunch of models, stripped them, others I just touched up, it was like a half decade slog.

I'll never strip that many models again. Any hobby project I take on seems to become a life and death struggle, well maybe not that bad, but a LOT of effort.

Dallas said...

>I'll never strip that many models again.

I wholeheartedly agree... in fact, I should've made clear that I didn't strip and repaint every model - I just overpainted the bright green with the pukey brown colour, and on the vehicles, also did some more detailing and weathering. I'm not sure I would have undertaken it if it was to be a wholesale strip and repaint. In fact I'll update the post with a before/after photo.

Muskie said...

I did the Before and After thing, that's how long I know it took. One model that I stripped and planned to repaint still isn't done. One Model! Of course over the years I added more Plaguemarines and Plaguebearers too. I'm hoping to do more non-Nurgle stuff, when I pick up the brushes again.

I made this my link of the moment and here is my before and after gallery: