Friday, July 12, 2024

Cold Warriors - BobMack 3D 28mm Marder 1A3s, Plus More Eureka Bundeswehr and Soviets

OK so there's a few more Cold Warriors to post here! I recently ordered some freaky Chaos/Hieronymous Bosch li'l dudes from Eureka, and threw some Bundeswehr and Soviets into the order, just because. They were quick to paint so here they are, along with some extra unpainted models from years ago. 

MG3 machinegunner in NBC gear. A leftover.

Panzerfaust 3 operator and GraMaWa (granatmaschinenwaffe - grenade machinegun) gunner. Whoa!

Bundeswehr sniper with G22 (Accuracy International AWM-F) in .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62x67).

I also picked up a couple more Chemical Commies, a Sagger (AT-3 ATGM) operator, PKM machinegunner, and flamethrower operator.

The Sagger set from Eureka is so cool. So much ATGM goodness.

The flamethrower dude and PKM gunner are great too. The Chemical Commies are painted with Vallejo German Uniform highlighted up with a VGU/white mix. The Bundeswehr flecktarn is Doombull Brown, Castellan Green, and Deathworld Forest.

But check these out - 3D-printed BobMack 3D Marder 1A3s from their Kickstarter, printed for me by Conscript Byron.

These are 1/56 scale models, and replace the North Korea store Marders in my Bundeswehr force. These scale quite well against the Leopard 2s I have already. (For those who are wondering, the NKS Marders were built on the SAME CHASSIS as their Leopard 2s. They were therefore waaaay bigger than scale Marders should be. These ones are much smaller than the Leopards).

I also got decals for these from District Miniatures. On the Marder 1A3 sheet you get decals for four vehicles, including crosses and (importantly) number plates. These are some great decals! The camo is Doombull Brown, Castellan Green/Deathworld Forest, and Vallejo Dark Rubber.

Here's one of the Marders with some BW infantrymen. Can hardly wait to get these out for a game. It will happen this summer I swear. I just have to find/write a Cold War mod for Bolt Action, I think that'd work best for a game.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Animals Big and Small

 Another quick batch of models for my Frostgrave bestiary. Here’s a gorilla, bear, 4 wolves and cougar (snow leopard proxy). With the exception of the cougar, all are from Northstar miniatures. I also painted up a werewolf from Reaper miniatures. Nothing too fancy here, but got them done quick!

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Evil Wizard

 One last model for June! Here’s a necromancer from Reaper Miniatures made in metal. He’ll be used as the “evil wizard” for one of the forbidden psalm scenarios. I kept him in purple to match the skeletons I painted earlier because every necromancer needs minions!

June has been pretty productive! Hopefully I can keep it going.

Friday, June 28, 2024

Ork Dakka Jets for Aeronautica Imperialis

Bad Moons in the sky! Ork "Dakka Jets" for Aeronautica Imperialis.

Another fun bit of random painting - a pair of random "Dakka Jets" from GW's "Aeronautica Imperialis" rules for air combat in the Warhammer 40k setting. These are multi-part plastic kits from GW. 

Love that crazy "V"-shaped twin tail...

"Aeronautica Imperialis" was cancelled last year just as "Legions Imperialis" was released. While the game was available, it had great models, and these Ork fighter craft are a lot of fun to work with. They are kind of a genius model design, essentially a very interchangeable set of components you can organize in a variety of ways to create aircraft that look broadly similar without all looking the same - this is a perfect solution for the Orks, where each larger craft or vehicle is an individual work, and not something assembled off of any kind of specific plan. 

Seems like a totally safe craft to me...

The "Dakka Jet" is the basic fighter for the Orks, and as you might imagine, in the Aeronautica game they fly very fast and don't last too long damage-wise. They can also be upgraded with an assortment of bombs, rockets or even MORE blastas and other assorted whacky Orky weapons. While the "Dakka Jet" would generally be dog fighting and trying to shoot down opposing aircraft (most of the time), you can also equip it with weapons for ground attacks, so they can be used in the various scenarios the game offers.

Nice view of the engine work - surely a low-emission thing?

The wing-man...

These two models had been built, primed, and sat in a box for over a year, and they turned up here in Toronto while I was unpacking a box of hobby bits. I thought it would be a fun little palette-cleanser of a project to finish these two craft. I decided to make these primarily yellow/"Bad Moonz" type craft, to add to the color variety of the Ork ships I have painted so far.

Bombs and/or rockets away!

Love the little landing skid on the bottom...these things are so whacky...

In terms of weapons, I added a mix of bombs and rockets under the wings just to offer some further variety to the look these crazy ships. I find Ork craft don't paint too quickly, as the Orks are not the sort to go with uniform paint schemes any more than they are the sort to with uniform designs or blueprints.

So the Ork air fleet is now increased to six of these "Dakka Jets", to go along with two "Fighta Bommerz". Plenty for a game sometime. Might be time to work my way up to some of the larger "Bommas" in the Ork air arsenal...perhaps another palette-cleansing project for later in the summer? We'll see! That's all for now - thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Blood Rage Vampires

 I’m on a roll here! Blood Rage Vampires for… you guessed it, Forbidden Psalm! All are from Reaper Miniatures. 3 are in metal and one in siocast. Look for the mold lines to figure out which one is siocast. 

Based on my reading of one of the scenarios, 4 should be sufficient. If not, I’m sure Dallas has a few more kicking around!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Skeletons and Large Monsters

 More painting progress now for Forbidden Psalm. I finished six skeletons made from the Frostgrave cultist box, a troll and giant worm from reaper miniatures and an old model, which I think was a horror clicks model. It originally came pre-painted, but I primed it long ago in preparation for a new paint scheme. I think I subconsciously painted it the exact same colors it was originally. I tried to find a picture of the model online to confirm this, but have been unsuccessful. This model and the troll will both represent the Puca monster for forbidden psalm, while the giant worm would make a good Great Maw monster. The two Reaper models are made of the same siocast plastic as the dire boars were in my last post. One gripe about siocast is that it’s a bit harder to clean off mold lines. Metal and conventional plastic mold lines can usually be scraped and filed. Siocast doesn’t respond as well to this. I find that is tends to resist scraping or drags off larger pieces of material than intended. Filing also seems to cause the material to clump a bit, damaging some detail. It is comparatively cheap, so maybe this is just a you get what you pay for situation.

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Monday, June 24, 2024

Sons of Horus Heavy Armour for LI

Let's roll for hope! XVI Legion Astartes Land Raiders and Kratos tanks. 

Getting back to the steady accumulation of painted models for GW's new "Legions Imperialis" game. Here we have a small selection of armour painted in the colors of the XVI Legion Astartes, the Sons of Horus. These are all multi-part plastic kits from GW's new LI model range. 

Land Raiders

Sons of Horus Land Raider, with a commander in the cupola, useful way of marking a "command tank" should such a designation be required.

The lack of Land Raiders in the Legions Imperialis starter box was just baffling - just one of many baffling GW decisions related to this game. But the models did get released eventually, and credit where credit is due - they are marvelous. Are they small and fiddly to assemble? Well, yes. But this "Epic", after all, so that kind of goes with the territory. If you don't enjoy small models...well, no worries, we all have our preferences!

But if you do like this scale and this setting, I think you will really love these models. The Land Raider is a classic Space Marine tank, and it's great to have some of these for the new collection. The details are just fantastic. I won't claim assembly was "fun" - but then, I am not a patient model builder! I can say, however, that painting these up was fun.

Another view of the models showing some of the engine exhaust and top decking detail.

Rules for these vehicles are NOT available in the starter box rule books (f***ing twats - back to baffling decisions, but I digress). They came out in a specific Beta-Garmon supplement for LI. But from what I can tell, Land Raiders appear to be available only as a troop-carrying option? If true, that is just...dumb...but it is easily ignored for games among friends, so not the end the of the world. 

Kratos Tanks

Some big guns on big tracks for the Sons of Horus.

The Kratos - it is the big "new" tank for the Space Marines of the Horus Heresy/Age of Darkness setting. Maybe it isn't "new" anymore, but it still feels "new" to an old grognard like me! 

Once more, a commander in one of the cupolas.

Again, the detail on these models is remarkable. Is it fun or easy to assemble such small bits? I guess it depends on what you find "fun" about the hobby. For me, it was a challenge, but worth it in the end. These are remarkable little kits, and a game like "Legions Imperialis" will provide the right scale to deploy groups of them on a table. 

These are very small modes, of course...but the quality of the kits overall is really something. 

My painting for this new game has been...well, let's just describe the pace as "relaxed". Even though I am very keen to try the game, I just haven't been that quick to get a lot of stuff painted. For all that, the Sons of Horus are coming along nicely, and I now have a "legal" force painted up, with a "Demi-company" at the core, and a variety of supporting vehicles to chip in. Add in some Knights or a Warhound Titan, and they are more than set for a game. Just need to get some more Loyalists finished this space. 

That's all for now - thanks for reading, and hope you are having a nice summer wherever you are.