Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Battle Report

Last night we gathered at Dallas' place for a Wolrd War 'Z' game. Several different factions including SWAT, the Homiez, the Zombie Liberation Army, Delta Force, Corporate Suits and Mercenaries, fought the Zombies, and each other, to capture a Rogers Wireless sales representative who was immune to the Zombie virus, and who could help keep their Iphones running through the Zombie apocalypse.

Visiting Ottawa conscript Sean joined Dallas, myself, Brian, Mike F and Dave V for the came. Iphone Cam joined us later in the evening, once his onerous Fringe Festival responsibilities had lapsed for the night. Dallas had the SWAT team, Brian had the ZLA, Dave V had Delta Force, Sean had the Homies, Mike F rolled with the Corporate Suits, and Sean had the homies. I had the Mercenary team. Cam pushed Zombies after he arrived.

Sean provided a huge number of Zombies for the game - new plastic ones from Warlord Games. They looked great, although less great when they were stacked fr*gging six deep around my team!! At one point there were over 60 Zombies on the table, including I suspect about 25 around my faction!

As advertised previously, we added some fun with random Iphone apps afflicting the different factions before each turn. Some of the apps, like IChainsaw or PDF copies of "World War Z" were a bonus to fighting the Zombies. Some, like IGrenade, Alien Farts and Blu Movies were not so much help.

Through approximately 10 turns, Dave V's elite Delta Force team ultimately captured the hapless Rogers rep, and evacuated to a chopper on top of one of the buildings. Dallas, Mike F and Brian engaged each other, and Zombies, in different firefights. Brian and Dallas nearly managed to stop Dave, but once he got control of the Rogers person, he was able to freely select Iphone apps that were most helpful and get away. Dallas' SWAT struggled to get the drop on the Delta lads, and took a lot of shooting casualties. Mike F's Corporate Suits ended up as food for the automatic weapons of the ZLA. They also fed a few Zombies.

Sean's Homies fought their way around the table, and although they didn't manage to capture anyone, they did kidnap a news crew, so something good came out of it for them. My team, beset by Alien Farts and Blu Movies, ended up as grey-matter calories for Sean's excellent Zombie horde, piles and piles of which emerged from the "S" Mart near my starting point!

Thanks again to Dallas for hosting, and for everyone for coming out to enjoy some light-hearted, Iphone-and-Cam mocking World War Z gaming!

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