Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obsessions in progress

This is the start of a small Citadel Ork army for Rogue Trader. Yes, Rogue Trader. I've collected an Ork army of metal Citadel models from the 1987-1989 period. I even have two of the crazy old Ork Dreadnoughts... the Orks number about 45 in total, and I have 25 or so metal Space Marines from the same period to be the Opfor. Not sure why the RT obsession has gripped, perhaps it's just nostalgia for my teenage gaming years. In any event it should be fun to once more play the old rules that originally started me into the "Games Workshop Hobby" - and that was even before there was such a thing as the "Games Workshop Hobby."

More goofy terrain for Epic/Aeronautica Imperialis. Random syringe parts, bits from a 1/35 T-62 that got built for Futurkom, some GW bits and a large Flames of War base...

... become an offshore Promethium drilling platform. Once painted this should be a fun objective/terrain piece for Aeronautica games.

Unlike most objectives I've built this one actually has some capacity for self-defence!


Eli Arndt said...

Absolutely love the use of junk bits for your objective marker!

Greg B said...

I'm sure Cam will do well shooting down Orks with that AE terrain!

Also, I hear you on the RT enthusiasm. That's what prompted me to go to absurd efforts to collect an RT-era plastic and metal Imperial Guard army.

Look forward to some RT battles with the Orks and Marines!