Wednesday, July 29, 2009

40K Reborn

It seems that Greg and Dallas are building 40k armies, Cam has talked some trash about finishing a Tau army, Dave is making a Crimson Fist army and with my modern Germans done, I'm going to finally get this 1500 point Space Marine army repainted. With all this flurry of 40k, do we want to set some kind of goal to keep us on track (and hold Cam to his word)? Last summer Dave mentioned running a mini-campaign including some Apocalypse games. This idea sounded pretty cool! Do we dare delve into so much 40k? Did Cam actually paint his Tau? Does Greg have any gaskets to spare? What do you think?


Greg B said...

If Cam has in fact painted his army, then we need to post pics (and then I will have to eat crow)!

DaveV said...

One of the topics for the aborted campaign I was contemplating was The Badab War. Bell of Lost Souls is about to go live with their Bada War campaign pack. However, such a large campaign is a huge undertaking.

As a less lofty goal, I created a mini-campign of three linked scenarios before last Christmas.

Check out this editorial from BoLS:

What is people's tolerance for a 40K narrative campaign? Should we try a few linked games, then see where we can go?

I'm playing more 40K now than ever before, so I'm raring to try something.

DaveV said...

Oh, and yeah, now for the obligatory trash talk:

"Pointy-eared degenerates rule! You Imperialist Mon-Keigh scum...blah, blah, blah."

Dallas said...

I'd be up for a few linked games. Got a few armies to choose from - Black Templars (3K+ points), Death Guard (2K), Deathwing (1500?), and working on Vraksian Renegades (1500).

MFraser said...

I think some linked games are a good idea. We will of course have to have a giant mega battle with some superheavies.

DaveV said...

I'm working on a variation of the 3-part mini-campaign. The first two would be straight up 40K games, with a couple of people per side, limited to, say, 2000 points per side. The third game would use Apocalypse rules, so super-heavies and fliers would be able to be fielded.

The New Hibernia Campaign:

Game One - Presidential Sweet:
Glenda Ruth has to lead from the front, or her band of ranchers and citizen-soldiers won't remain steady in the field. Will one side be able to capture this erstwhile President?

Game Two - Convoy!:
A force has been mustered to convey the President to the spaceport, to get her safely off-planet. Now that you've got her, can you keep her?

Game Three - Violation of the Laws of War:
This would represent the climax of the planetary action, as heavy forces are brought into play. With no thought for the hapless city ground down around them, both sides advance for final "victory."

What do you think?