Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Seen the Future, and it is Dark

I feel like I'm fast becoming master of the mini-project. Stick some junk together, roll out a game on Thursday, call it done. Works for me, I guess :-)

Anyway in this case we roll back about 4 years. A local used book/comic shop had a copy of the old GW game "Dark Future", the game of future vehicle combat. It was in great shape, complete and something like $20 so I picked it up and it went in the closet, there to sit for, well, 4 years.

A couple months ago I was at Wal-Mart looking at the toy cars (like you do) and saw a very cool line of 1/64 vehicles with a unique theme: "For Sale". These were basically models of cars that you see parked in a driveway with a "For Sale" sign on 'em. Kinda beat up, a bit rusty, but the kind of vehicle that would instantly attract and induce an overpowering sense of want in a 17-year-old car enthusiast, or me ;-)

So I saw these cars a few months ago, and an idea started to percolate. Last week when I saw that they were going on sale it all came together - I would pick up these cars to use for Dark Future! They're already pre-painted with some neat paintjobs, all I have to do is some minor conversion to add the guns and hey presto! Thursday game. So tonight that's what I did...

Camaro ex-Police Interceptor

"There's no Justice, there's just us"

Datsun 510

Hood lascannon and turret MG

My favorite - Shelby Mustang GT350

Called the "GT350" because it was 350 feet from Shelby's workshop to his office... true story

1967 Chevy Nova SS

My first car was a Chevy II (lower trim version of the Nova) but it wasn't much like this one!
This was a great mini-project because of the sheer lack of effort involved. I basically blacked out the front windows, drilled holes for the weapon mounts, and installed the wire cages inside the cars. I think they look pretty cool, now I just have to paint the bikers that came with the game. I've done some minor conversions to add helmets to them and they should only take maybe one or two evenings to paint.


Greg B said...

Dude - that is awesome! I sense car insurance rates in the future are pretty steep.

DaveV said...

In the "Car Wars" universe, a significant amount of money was used for Gold Cross - the technology and resources to maintain clones of your drivers, to replace your characters if (when) they were killed.

Loving the look of the cars.

Rassilon said...

Where did you get the weapons you are using on the cars?


Dallas said...

Ah, little late on the reply here, sorry...
The weapons are from the actual GW "Dark Future" box set. Gonna run this game tomorrow night!