Friday, July 24, 2009

Kampfgruppe Burch: Forget the Marder; meet the PUMA IFV

On July 3, 2009, the German Defence Procurement Office and PSM GmbH, Kassel, signed the contract for the production of 405 PUMA Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles, to replace the Marder in the Bundeswehr mechanized infantry.

Here's some pages with photos:

RE: new Imperial Guard APCs:
Quick solution - use Razorbacks instead of Rhinos to "count as" Chimeras, and mount the secondary weapon (heavy bolter or heavy flamer) co-axially in the turret instead of in the hull. Count the hatches as the fire points for the mounted infantry.


Greg B said...

Yeah - that looks pretty sweet!

Would it be rough to mount the secondary weapons coaxially though? In theory does that not improve (or pretend to improve) their angle of fire to 360? I guess that can be ignored...

DaveV said...

It also reduces their range (especially for the heavy flamers), since the automated turret is set back in the hull.

Alternatively, you could mount the heavy flamer/bolter in a blister in the front glacis plate of the Razorback, like on a WWII Panther. If you do it like the Panzer A, it's just a little flip up door.

Greg B said...

I may have a Razorback lying around...I'll see what I can try to kit bash this weekend.

Will also get cracking on some Panzer Grenadiers!

Dallas said...