Friday, January 6, 2012

Six-Pounder Gun Teams - Austrian 28mm Napoleonics

Austrian six-pounders from Wargames Foundry

More reinforcements for my 28mm Austrians - this time a pair of six-pound gun teams.  The models are all Foundry 28mm castings, and they were finished over the Christmas holidays.

The crew sits waiting for the Liquitex gel goop to dry - usually takes a day

I tried to "mark" the gel a bit, so when painted the ground would look like the guns have been firing..

I loathe painting horse-and-musket-era artillery - I hate the wheels on the guns, I don't know what widget is what, and what it's supposed to look like etc. - and I feel like any rules set should have a single gun and team represent the whole battery. 

Front view of one gun - I love that officer model at the back right, and wonder if he would fit at all in an infantry unit...

Front view of the second new gun. The little accents (the barrel, a pile of cannon balls) that Foundry includes in their packs are a nice touch

Having said that, the "Food For Powder" rules we are using (courtesy of Regina Conscript Curt C), and other new rule sets (like LaSalle) are taking a view that an artillery battery should have a footprint on the gaming table that is more commensurate to the large footprint a gun battery would have on the battlefield.  That means my lads will still need more guns!

Rear view of the new gun sections
I still have to work on my basing technique for artillery...I love how Curt does his guns up, but these turned out OK
I have four six-pound gun teams for the Austrians now.  I need to add two more gun teams for the approaching game with Curt at the end of January (I think we are playing Austerlitz, so I'll need every gun I can find to aim at those insane Frenchmen and their Corsican loon).  I'm trying to find some 12-pounder models, but likely not in time for the game, so the next two guns may end up including a howitzer and another six-pounder or something.

These are all of my Austrians guns so far - starts to look imposing when they are together!
I do love the look of these large units, and the four teams look imposing when set out together.  Bring forward the shot and powder, and let's fill those French columns with holes!


DeanM said...

Really excellent work! Love the brown coated Austrian arty guys! Best, Dean

Jason Meyers said...

Love the work you've been doing on your Austrians. They're looking great!

I used to have a ton WF Austrians myself, but sold them off a number of years ago figuring I'd just re-buy them when I actually started working on 28mm Napoleonics...



Curt said...

Wicked!! Great work!


VolleyFireWargames said...

Excellent paint job and presentation I like to see gamers who think more than 1 gun is needed to represent a battery on the battlefield - now how to get certain rule sets to cooperate is another story. How does one get a hold of you groups Napoleonic rules "Food For Powder" Currently using Black powder although some friends of mine in Scotland playtested LaSalle and liked it.
Cheers David

MurdocK said...

I have used the 'little extras', barrel and cannon balls, as markers for when my artillery have some problems - like ammunition or such like.

Beautiful work!