Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New bits for FUBAR - 6mm Sci-Fi

Late last year we had some fun with FUBAR, using the rules to play some sci-fi skirmish games in 6mm. Dallas has been sucked into the fray, and I understand some of his Christmas presents are in production right now, so to encourage him along, here are some shots of some reinforcements for the hard-hit reservists of Task Force Bravo, trying to defend the resource-production colony number 24601.

Bikers to provide recon - the figures are from the old Imperial Guard epic-scale sprues
In their last encounter, the Task Force got shot up pretty badly by the Ork mercenaries.  The military authorities have sent some reinforcements to help out in the form of some regular mechanized troops - a section of three bikes for recon duties, two squads mounted in Ramjack APCs, and a pair of newer-model tanks.

With the exception of the bikers (which are GW Epic 40k models), all figures are from Dark Realm Miniatures.

Mechanized regulars from the Pax Arcadian forces
The mechanized infantry consists of two eight-man squads of regulars, each with one AT launcher and one grenade launcher.  The infantry squads are mounted in Ramjack APCs, newer model vehicles from the main Pax Arcadia mechanized forces. 

Close shows a sergeant (front right) and AT launcher trooper beside him
Each eight-man squad has a Ramjack APC
Rear angle shot of the Ramjack APC - yet another gorgeous 6mm figure from DRM

The tanks are Rampart-class, vehicles on the heavy side of "medium", much newer models than the old Mammoth heavy tanks that have been providing the armoured oomph to the column so far.  These tanks do not mount guns that are as heavy as the Mammoths, but they are faster, and have more advanced optics and hard-hitting, advanced rounds.  The sloped armour is made of newer composite materials. 

The Rampart tanks have a more high-tech, advanced look to them - again, the quality from DRM is amazing
As a final touch, the governor of the colony has sent down a squad of his elite household guard troops.  These are elite heavy infantrymen - they are not on hand to join up with the Task Force, but have instead received orders to guard the public facilities in the main settlement.  It remains to be seen where, if at all, they will see any action...the reservists and regular soldiers scoff at these "toy soldiers", but are privately impressed with their high-tech equipment, and are hoping they will help out if there is further serious fighting.

Household guard, represented by DRM's "Industrial Infantry" - really cool castings

Sadly, I couldn't get this lit properly - but these are very unique "heavy infantry" for 6mm
I look forward to seeing Dallas' 6mm FUBAR lads on the table - it will be great to add another "faction" to the unfolding drama of the Orks, Binary Petroleum, and the unfortunate colonists of 24601.


Michael said...

Very cool!
Are the old tanks being retired?

What has Dallas got?

Greg B said...

The old tanks will remain in action.

As for Dallas, I'll leave the suspense for him to disperse, but you can see a bit in his post about Santa from late last year...

Dallas said...

The ZaxxonMobil faction should be up and running this weekend, with any luck...

Sebastian said...

Love the realistic low profile tanks. So many manufacturers create beasts that would attract fire like bees on honey.

Details come up well on these figures (figurettes?)

- T.

Michael said...

yay more fuel baddies!


Unknown said...

What bases are those for the infantry? I like the look of that size for 6mm.

Greg B said...

Hi Josh - the infantry are on Canadian pennies (no longer made by the Canadian governemnt - LOL). I believe a 20mm round would get you about the same diameter.