Thursday, January 5, 2012

IR #27 - 28mm Austrian Napoleonics

IR #27 prepares to face Napoleon and his cronies

Over the Christmas Holidays I was able to finish another Austrian line battalion - IR #27, from Styria.  These are based for the "Food for Powder" system used by Regina Conscript Curt C, which takes a very "grand manner" style approach to the game.  That means huge units for the Austrians, and these fellows are no exception - 39 infantry and one mounted officer.

The "sticks" on the assembly line - by this point with any unit, I'm pretty fired up as the end is in sight!
The models are all Wargames Foundry, and they are based on 30mm x 50mm bases, with the exception of the command in the centre, who are based on a 60mm x 50mm base - giving a "frontage" of 15mm per casting. The flags are from Brian H.

Drying into place on the metal bases from Wargames Accessories
I started these guys late in 2011, and managed to get the balance finished and get it all based up in time for the New Year.

Close-up of the command showing Brian's excellent banners

The left flank of the unit - I still need to practice with the long looks like a cannon is hitting, instead of anything natural...oh well
Right flank of the unit, with an officer urging the lads forward as they approach some more of that strange grass...

View from the top
Curt and I are getting together in late January for a game, so I am working hard to add reinforcements to my Austrian column in time.  This will make a third "German" line battalion for the column, joining a "Hungarian" battalion and a battalion of Grezner infantry.  These also gave me a few points for Curt's Painting Challenge (where I am getting creamed, but am at least ahead of Dallas - I think there is a gift certificate for that).

My map table at home - a big pile of Austrian lead!
The OB for our scenario calls for six Austrian line units (at reduced strength), a large artillery battery to be represented by six guns, and a pair of cavalry units.  That means three more infantry units and four more gun teams in time for late January.  It will be a real stretch.  Too bad I can't paint like this guy.  But the reduced strenght of the units gives me a bit of an "in" (32 figures instead of 40), and I have already finished two more guns - watch for another post on that soon.


Paulalba said...

Very cool AUstrians Greg

Curt said...

These guys are the sh*t, man! Can't wait to see them ranked-up on the table.


PS: Suggestion for the tall grass: Get a pair of nail scissors and trim the grass down to no higher than thigh height. Then snip the top at an almost vertical angle to make the growth look more ragged.