Saturday, January 7, 2012

Austrian Hussars - 28mm Napoleonics

Still plugging away at my Austrians - taking care of a loose end. My Hussar regiment, finished as part of the original "Black Powder" challenge, was three models short.

Getting those three additional models from Foundry took quite a while. Months in fact. While Foundry was very pleasant to deal with, it was quite a challenge. In that time, Foundry had cancelled the pose - the charging Hussars- so it was a real issue to get the models. Ultimately, they found a couple spares, and they looked ok enough to fit in.

Then, I lost them when I moved this past summer....

They finally turned up a few weeks ago, so I'm painting them to get that Hussar regiment up to 24 models and finish it for real. I hope to finish this weekend while the NFL playoffs are on.

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