Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Game This Week - Tomorrow's War

Tonight we go for round two vs. Tomorrow's War!
Well, our first go-round was a little rough, but we are not deterred, so this week we will be giving "Tomorrow's War", the sci-fi skirmish rules from Ambush Alley Games/Osprey, another try. I have heaped a fair amount of ranting/complaints on the rules, but conscript Mike A has doggedly suggested that the rules are actually much clearer when you read "Force On Force", the modern skirmish game from Ambush Alley, which uses the identical core system. 

I borrowed a copy of "Force On Force" from Mike A, and I think he's right.  Some things are still fuzzy, but the basics are much clearer in "Force On Force".  Armed with this (still possibly delusional) new understanding, I think we will have a much better time of it.  Or we won't, but it's still fun to push figures around!

Tonight's scenario will pit the sinister, menacing forces of Gün Schwarm against the sinister, menacing forces of FuturKom.  On the world of Dnieper VII, the FuturKom's 356th Guards Army has launched a major offensive and is sweeping all resistance ahead of it.  The 210th Schwarm Korps is trying to dent the advancing Kommulists where it can while falling back toward a new defensive line.  The spearheads of the 356th Guards have had to deal with spoiling attacks from mobile Gün units, the odd mob of "TruKom" rebels, and the occasional air strike by the LuftSchwarm.

One such Kom spearhead, stopped near an abandoned village, was the victim of a particularly hard-hitting air strike.  Their APCs and T-340s have been knocked out, and the troops scattered. The local Güns have spotted this confusion, and have moved in for a quick counterattack, hoping to finish off the column and grab some valuable intelligence from a T-640 that appears to been knocked out. Will the Güns get the job done? Will the Kom motor fuzileers rally in time to see them off? Will TruKom rebels try and join the fun? Lock and load on Dnieper VII!

Hope to see you tonight!


Kevin H said...

Sounds like "Tomorrow's War" should have the following disclaimer: "...Tommorow's War is not a complete game - you must have a copy of "Force on Force" to play this game..."

This is what happens when you Proof and Playtest with people who are familiar with the rules. I wonder if they did any "blind" playtesting - with people who had NO familiarity with the rules...?

Greg B said...

I know what you mean Kevin, but it was pretty entertaining watching some of the reactions to our original review on TMP - clearly we (or at least me) are morons, because we can't figure out this very obvious and basic system :)

We'll see tonight - my sarcasm aside, there does seem to be some cool mechanics in there and I hope it goes well!

MIK said...

Whether or not I try to crack open my copy again hinges on your game tonight. Keep us posted!

Greg B said...

@ Mik - we'll try to keep it interesting for you!