Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plans for 2012

Well, another year is here - hopefully one with less chaos at work and no moving to new homes! I've actually managed some progress on my fall 2011 project pile, and seeing as how the Black Powder countdown is now way out of date, it was time to ditch it from the blog, and move on to other projects.   Here are a few things sitting in the priming/painting hopper at home that I'm hoping will be reasonably/mostly done by the time the snow melts...

More 28mm Austrians

I will never paint enough to come even close to making a dent in the leader board of Curt's formidable Painting Challenge. Be sure to visit the Analogue Hobbies blog - the quality and diversity of the entries is stunning, and just when you think you paint a lot, you realize there are others that crush you. Oh well.

Curt and I are getting together at the end of January for some gaming, and the 28mm Austrians will make another appearance.  I'm hoping to reinforce my current force with three new infantry battalions and four new artillery sections. So far I have added one of the infantry units, and two of the gun pieces.  Not quite half-way there, but I'm bearing down to try and finish before I leave for Regina by the end of January. 

15mm Sci-Fi

I was a late-commer to the 15mm sci-fi madness, but it was still fun.  The spectacular quality of the miniatures is really something - Khurasan, in particular stands out here, with 15mm castings that really blow away the competition.  So far we have been basing the 15mm infantry in groups on Flames-of-War style bases.  That works fine for the games, and I like it a lot, but the Khurasan stuff is just so nice that I want to do some guys up on individual bases.

I have finished a few of them already, but have run out of bases so the project is stalled for now (I called this project state the "Litko Condition").  Watch the blog for some pictures of new figures with this project.

Rogue Trader

Our gaming group has some good fun with Rogue Trader. I am going to add some more components to my Imperial Guardsmen, including an Assault Squad, a Support Squad, and a squad of Penal troops.

I have also cobbled together the bits to do an homage to Pedro Cantor's detachment of survivors from the Battle At The Farm Scenario.  These are not original RT-era figs, but I'm doing my bit with the current models to try and get them to resemble the RT era look.

Finally, I have a secret RT project...just waiting for some stuff to come from E-bay, and waiting until my Austrians are finished - but hopefully we'll be able to have more RT fun in 2012!

Blood Bowl

I've never played the game, but it seems like a hoot. Dallas has his rats ready.  I have a Khemri team - just need to paint them up for Dallas...

Other Odds & Ends

Some other small plans include...

Chemical Commie Upgrade - my 28mm Chemical Commies are starting to get a bit out-gunned by the Bundeswehr, and now US troops, in their MOPP suits.  I have done a minor conversion to get my chemical guys some modern ATGWs, and have some other plans to increase their firepower, using bits from Eureka...

More Spearhead stuff - there is never a bad time to add more stuff for Spearhead...

So that's what I'm working on for now...as we go along, I'm sure new things will pop up to distract me. In particular I keep hearing rumours of new Imperial Guard plastics, which would be cool, because the current ones just don't inspire me...

Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks again to Dallas and Pam for an amazing New Years Day game!

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Dallas said...

Inspirational, my friend!

I was in a very boring meeting just before the Christmas break and started drafting a similar list. Perhaps I'll blow that up into a blog entry as well, if nothing else it will just amp up the "Cam factor"*

*enabling other Conscripts to mock me for lack of progress on a project.