Monday, January 30, 2012

Mounted ADC - 28mm Austrian Napoleonics

"The Archduke Charles requests that your dismiss your traveling string orchestra and consider engaging the French."
Still doing horse and musket figures, continuing to ad to my 28mm Austrian collection.  This is a mounted aide-de-camp, used often in game systems to mark progress on the gaming table of different orders or updates moving to different commanders.   He could also stand in as a really low level of command should that be needed in a game.
"Before" photo, showing the ADC waiting for basing goop and primer.  A power armoured trooper beside him waits for some paint...
The figure is a Wargames Foundry casting, from the pack of Austrian generals and commanders. Considering how large the units are that we are using, painting a single mounted figure is not much of an accomplishment, and it won't do too much to help me in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, but it helps to round out the collection.

"Why, that pile of paint over there is most compelling.  Why fight the French on such a day?"
This officer is ready to courier the desperate requests and foppish, flippant replies between the various layers of the Austrian field command staff on the table.  Unfortunately I was not able to make the trip to Regina this past weekend, so he will have to wait for his first action, but I look forward to getting these guys out on the table sometime soon.

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