Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gün Schwarm Medical Bot - Pig Iron Productions

Medical Bot on the move
Another bit finished for the Gün Schwarm lads - a medical bot from Pig Iron Productions.  This robot is a model from Pig Iron's Kolony Militia command group.  Dallas has one of these already for his FuturKom lads, and since the factions of our distant, conflicted far future seem to source a lot of a equipment from the same suppliers (for example, all armoured vehicles have the same searchlights), I thought Gün Schwarm could use a bot as well.
"Make the 'bot carry it."
Like all of the Pig Iron figures, this model is a lot of fun to paint, and is a wonderful sculpt. Naturally, when AI technology comes on line, the troopers make the poor robot schlep as much stuff as it can manage.  The sculpt portrays the robot loyally trying to keep up while carrying important supplies (ammo? refills for the coffee machine? both?). It's a great figure.
Important supplies - medi-bot is a reliable schlepper on the battlefield 
In addition to being a fun bit of fluff, or even an objective, the Tomorrow's War rules set has rules for medics, and specifically medical bots (referred to as "care bears"), and they have a significant impact on the game, lowering the odds that hits turn into KIAs and serious wounds.  This particular bot will be a good addition to the power-armoured system trooper models I'm doing for the Gün Schwarm troopers.

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