Monday, January 23, 2012

Praying For Bases

"We're ready to leave the depot - honest!"
Well, here's hoping the mystical power of the blogosphere can influence the karma of the postal delivery system.  I have finished another batch of 28mm Austrian line infantry - my first unit from Victrix - and all they need now are some bases.  If they can get here today (or tomorrow), these troops can join my doomed Austrian column for the game this weekend in Regina.

Running out of bases happens to me a lot.  Normal hobbyists can just cut new bases for themselves.  Incompetent ones like me, who barely manage to build a simple model, should not try this, unless the rules in question allow for the "crescent-shaped-'L'" formation instead of lines and columns.  I generally rely on Likto Aerosystems for my basing needs.  Their products are outstanding, but the delivery times have stretched to epic lengths.  I now refer to a project stalled for lack of basing materials as being at the "Litko State".

This time, for a change, I'm waiting on the good folks at Wargames Accessories.  I hope the scary variables, including the USPS, the spectacular cretins at Canada Customs, and the mindless incompetence of Canada Post, have not found some way to deep-six the's a wonder that any packages make it anywhere at times...


RazorOne223 said...

I know my first Litko order late last year took 23 days to arrive, on that I was disappointed when I expected them here like the same week I ordered them not realizing that they appear to cut to order. Anyway I hope your reach you in time, mine did not for when I needed them...



Paulalba said...

WOW, I wish I could reach the Litko stage with my figures. Unfortunately my painting pace is poor.
Nice figs!

P.S. Have you ever thought of trying Warbases in Scotland? MDF lasercut to your own specification and lightning delivery and sound price:
Nice bloke to deal with too!

Kevin H said...

Greg - you could also contact Woodrow Toy Soldiers (here in Canada) - they also carry the Wargames Accessories products. Contact them ahead though, their stocks might not always be up to date.

Dallas said...

Not likely to help too much but if you need GW-style plastic bases I just bought 100x 25mm round and 100x 20mm square on eBay for $27 shipped... should do me for some time!