Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Servo-Skull & Decals for Gün Schwarm Troops

Gün Schwarm heavy infantry with new accent(s)
Do you ever finish painting a figure(s), and then decide something was missing? I was feeling this way about the GW Kasrkin figures I had painted to serve as Gün Schwarm heavy infantry.  To my mind, those big shoulder plates needed a decal, so I rummaged around and found some WW2 Stalingrad decal sets from Battlefront, and applied them last night while the Jets got hammered by the damn New Jersey Devils.

Decals from Battlefront on the shoulder plates
I selected a decal attributed to the "100th Jag." division - I have no detailed familiarity with the battle of Stalingrad, but I assume this was one of the German units that would ultimately find doom in that campaign. At this scale, the decal appears to be a little shield of some kind, with a small marking on it.  Not very elaborate or overdone.  Seemed to fit the Kasrkin shoulder plates well enough, so I popped them on.

"Will that be a decaf latte?"
While digging out the decals, I found a nutty little GW bit - a "servo skull".  I cannot remember when - or why - I would have acquired something like this.  In general, I find the GW tendency to splash skulls all over absolutely everything to be quite tiresome, but I couldn't resist painting up this little accent piece. Loaded with what appears to be both advanced optics as well as a brace of grenades, the servo-skull could serve all sorts of niche roles on the tabletop.

Servo skull doing....something.....
Nothing captures the grim esprit of the Warhammer 40k setting more than a "servo skull", as you try and ponder the thought process behind this - an Imperial officer approaches the tech adepts and says "hey, I found Phil's remains on the battlefield, and I was thinking that if you could just attach a couple bits to his skull here, I would have the perfect mobile docking station for my iPhone 400s..."

I'm going to try and find a purpose for this thing in tonight's game...either as a medical bot of some kind, a recon drone, or maybe the grim, far-future version of an embedded journalist...


brutpaul said...

Very nice, especially in that last picture!

David said...

The servo skull could be part of the unit evaluation process - or an attached critic.

GDMNW said...

You know pins or needles work really well for floating things. They're made out of high quality steel and can be very slim and still very strong. Put a blob of GS under the base and anchor the eye in your model and you have a secure and good looking stand for your servo skull.

Good job on these guys by the way. They're really striking and look great.