Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year! Well, here's the last of it. Cripes, what a steeple-chase this has been! Sorry for the crap photos. I literally took them 3 minutes ago.

16 figure regiment of Dragoons. (32 points)

Aide de camp group observing enemy dispositions over guns. (6 points) Note: The gun/crew are shown to give an idea of how the stand 'works' with the artillery stands. Ultimately each gun will have some similar sort of vignette with caissons lined up behind.

A Brigade-level command stand (4 points)


 ...and added 16 figures to an existing Leger Battalion (16 points)


Total should be around 58 points and right under the wire. Yikes, what a slog! I'll be interested to hear what the final tally is for everyone.

As a final note I just want to thank Dallas for putting us up to this - it has been a great impetus for me to get stuff done! Its also been super to see the efforts of all who participated. The Conscripts really took this by the bit and ran with it! Excellent work everyone!


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MFraser said...

Looks like East Side is gonna have to do a drive-by on some West Side bangers!