Friday, December 31, 2010

Last-Minute Insanity

Finished painting some last-minute entries for the Challenge last night - something completely different - 28mm Zulus and British infantry from Wargames Factory!

I've only assembled and painted five British infantrymen so far.  There are 14 in the box but I have to say they are great in some ways and not so good in others.  On the plus side they are plastic, and thus inexpensive.  I really like the separate pith helmets and they fit very well on the heads.  On the other hand there is something very hinky going on with several of the arms.  I basically had to resculpt the right arms from shoulder to elbow to make the shooting poses look halfway normal.
The Zulus are awesome!  They come 30 to a box with a great variety of weapons (assegai, spear, knobkerrie, musket, and captured Martini-Henry rifle) with a variety of married and unmarried heads, as well as shields.  I enjoyed painting the Zulus, it reminded me quite a bit of painting Uruk-Hai for Lord of the Rings, is that wrong?

Anyway, I have the rest of the Zulu box primed and ready to go, but they certainly won't be done before the deadline tonight.  For Christmas I got some very nice models from Empress Miniatures, including some Natal Mounted Police, British and Zulu command, and a 9-pdr gun and crew. Certainly won't be running out of stuff to paint in 2011 ;-)


MFraser said...

WF's Sci-fi Shock Troops had the same thing going on with some of the arms. Overall quality is a bit so-so, but their stuff is certainly on the cheap side.

Curt said...

I really like those Zulus! What colour combination did you use for their skintone? I have a box of these and need to get something done with them.

Dallas said...

The skintone was black primer, Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Devlan Mud wash. African flesh is always tricky but I like the way these came out.