Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Voice in my head made me do this

For some time now, whenever I am brushing my teeth in the morning, I can hear a voice in my head whispering me "to build the Aspern Church in 28mm scale", an important landmark in the Napoleonic battle of Aspern. I built the main chapel last year, and it is now displayed in Curt's kitchen. Now I just finished erecting the "Refectory" (see the circled building below).

The building comes in 4 sections and troops can be deployed on the main level, on the second floor and in the attic.

The little 28mm British skirmisher provides a reference for the size of the building. The roof has simply been textured with a ballpoint as it would be too much work to make tiles for a roof that size. The structure showed remarkable resilience to the juvenile assaults of my 3 year old daughter who "playtested" the "nice dollhouse". Dallas, the voice in my head told me that "the ovemind will be painting the building", so do I get any points for just building this house? It took me two days (well, since the last painting update I sent you yesterday morning).

Strange enough, whenever I go to the loo lately I can hear a new voice in my head suggesting me to paint a 28mm Russian army for Napoleonic wargaming...


Dallas said...

"Any points for building the structure?"

No. Like you need any more points... sheesh. Great looking building though!

Curt said...

Two things:

1) I apparently need a bigger kitchen.

2)Sylvain needs help. (But only after he finishes building Aspern for me and gets his 28mm Russians done.)

Greg B said...

Sylvain - holy crap, that is outstanding!