Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Game

Vimeiro, Portugal... 1808.

As Napoleon holds continental Europe in thrall, the British have landed a small army in Portugal under the command of Lt. General Wellesley to try and turn the tide. The French commander on the scene, Junot, decides to attack before this trifling contingent of hooligans is reinforced further. Surely the armed forces of a nation with such an awful taste in food cannot prevail against the attack columns of the Emperor?s Grande Armee!

As the French make their move, Wellesley deploys his army in the hills near the town of Vimiero, ready to defend the disembarkation point of the British reinforcements.

We'll be rolling out the battle in 15mm, using the recently released "Shako II" rules. See you at my place, usual time.

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