Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday Game - Han Solo and the Rebels of Sollaest

"The things I do for money..." muttered Han Solo to no-one in particular. His Wookiee sidekick, Chewbacca, growled in agreement. The two, accompanied by a few surviving rag-tag rebels, crouched behind a low wall as blaster bolts ricocheted crazily around them.

"We gotta get to the Falcon - now's as good a time as any. On my mark, cover me, Chewie. Three, two, one... now!"


Solo and Chewbacca had been attracted to the Core World of Sollaest by their usual motivation: the lure of cold, hard credits. Solo's underworld contact had set him up with a job: smuggle a few datacards off the Core planet of Sollaest, no questions asked, for a fat reward. Little did Solo suspect that, halfway through the job, a rebellion would break out! Throwing in their lot with the Rebels, Solo and Chewbacca fought and sneaked their way through the planet's main city, avoiding Imperial entanglements along the way. Finally they have reached the University sector, where they had left their ship, the Millennium Falcon. Only a few hundred metres from the ship, Solo, Chewbacca and the few Rebels left accompanying them encounter a force of Imperial Stormtroopers and Sollaestian Army troops. Can Solo and Chewie make it to the Falcon and escape to their off-world payday, or will they end up imprisoned in the Spice Mines of Kessel?

We'll use the tried-and-tested WotC Star wars rules and miniatures, along with some new terrain inspired by a post on TMP.

See you at my place, 7:30pm start.


Greg B said...

Does the university sector include a number of protocol droids which can be blasted into oblivion?

Dallas said...


Someone's gotta be around to translate the languages of ivory-tower academics and binary load lifters...