Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Thursday's Game - "Tell it to the Vistula"

This time, it's POLITICAL

This week we will play Cold War Commander in 6mm, and the scenario will continue with our imaginary (at least for now) invasion of Poland by Russia and Belarus. You may recall from our prior battles that the Russian spearheads had driven the Polish forces back towards the Vistula river, only to be checked by a joint Franco-Polish counterattack, buying time for various NATO countries to send help.

The Poles, reluctant to abandon the northeast of their country, have finally agreed to pull back. But they have waited too long, and substantial forces may become trapped north of the Vistula. A force of British Paras and surviving French and Polish armour units are holding out while NATO command has dispatched multi-national brigade anchored by the British to hold a corridor open long enough for the Poles to pull back.

Putin's generals are keen to sieze the opportunity to trap several Polish units AND give NATO a bloody nose. And they might take advantage of the situation to deploy a new tank for some "testing"...

The Russian "Black Eagle" tank - still a prototype?

The battle will mark the debut of Mike F's newly painted 6mm British figs. We all know how well his freshly painted 25mm Brits did in our former Yugoslavia game last year. Presumably, the Challengers will have a better go of it this time around...

Hope to see you on Thursday for a "Battle of Nations" as Russians, Belarussian, Poles, French, Brits and Germans engage in ballistic discussions on the Vistula!

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Dallas said...

Sounds great - looking forward to the game tonight!