Saturday, February 25, 2012

TA-DAAA! Introducing: Fawcett Schwag

Members of our group attend lots of local and not-so-local gaming events - from the Winnipeg 40 Kegger to PrairieCon to Partizan in the UK.

When we do, it's great to be able to represent for our club - especially given the plan for me and Founding Conscript Curt to head out to Salute in April. So a little while back I got in touch with Conscript Kevin, a figure painter and graphic designer of some repute, with a view to designing a kick-ass logo for some Conscripts t-shirts.

So we came up with what you see above! I think Kev did a great job on the design (and thanks Kev for accommodating my constant suggestions ;-)  The basic design is derived from a cool old Scotch whiskey label: the wheat stalks represent our Canadian Prairie heritage; the coat of arms and motto ("Beware the Scottish Number") are referenced on a weekly basis in our games; and the "40% vol." and "26 fl. oz." refer to our other usual Thursday activities ;-)

Anyway, we've now set up a webstore at cafepress to produce our schwag - branded t-shirts and selected other cool stuff like iPad covers and waterbottles.  Feel free to check it out and remember, Fawcett schwag is comfortable, practical, stylish, and makes a great gift!


Mike A said...

Looks great! Can't wait to get some of those new shirts.

DaveV said...

This is great! I shall be buying some dark t-shirts for sure.

Greg B said...

Great job Kevin!

Curt said...

Well done, Kevin!! I'm going get one of these to go with the first one we had made up around 2001 (yes, I still have mine).