Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some GHQ WW2 Stuff

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has been a good prod to focus on some historical stuff and get it painted, namely  some GHQ figures I received for my birthday this year.

I based all of these for Spearhead - 1.25 inch square bases, with 30mm round bases representing command elements.  Each vehicle/base in Spearhead represents a platoon.  I have a large collection of Spearhead-based 6mm stuff, and a lot of it (especially the WW2 stuff) is starting to look a bit tired, so this is a good chance to spruce up the ranks a bit.

Up first was a group of German Panzer IV-Gs, and a pair of SPATs - Pak 40s mounted on an RSO chassis. The 10 tanks are sufficient to represent a battalion in Spearhead. The two RSOs will represent batteries of AT guns used by desperate German troops late in the war as hordes of T-34s roll over them.

Note that the crew figures on the RSOs are from Adler - their 6mm infantry is far, far superior to the infantry offered by GHQ.

You know your scraping the bottom when you are mounting Pak 40s on anything with treads...

Up next was a batch of 10 Hetzers, late war German tank destroyers.

And finally a group of 10 German Panzer IV-Hs. As with the other 10-vehicle groups, it includes one on a round command base, and for Spearhead purposes is sufficient to represent a battalion of vehicles in the game (each model representing an actual platoon of 3-5 tanks).

It did not add a whole lot of points for the Challenge, but it has been good to spruce up my German WW2 collection for Spearhead a bit more. Spearhead is one of my favourite games, and I had the opportunity to play a game with Curt C during a visit to Regina last weekend.   I'm just getting some photos organized, and will post the pictures and a battle report to the blog very soon.


Jay said...

Great job, Sir! The models are painted in great detail for so small a model: dingy, dirty, and destructive.

Lead Legion said...

Very nice work.

Braxen said...

good stuff, just found the post by chance.

regards from sixtwentyeight