Thursday, June 4, 2009

Partizan 09

This spring, as part of "Euro Assault 2009", I was fortunate to be able to attend Partizan in Newark. This was my first wargames show (after wargaming for something like 20 years) and I enjoyed it immensely. Here are some photos from the show, along with my recollections of the games. Remember to click the pictures for larger versions.

Mark Bedford and Warwick Kinrade's Crusades game. Muslims storming the breach

Wider view of Mark and Warwick's game

Detail of a fantastic "1066" display game

Look at the size of those shieldwalls!!

Great War on the eastern front with loads of cavalry

Seven Years' War action

More of the 1066 game

15mm WWII game on Kallistra hex terrain

Too Fat Lardies' Great War participation game

Great terrain from the Lardies

Westwind Shadows of the Third Reich arctic game

Love the LEDs in the U-boat hull!

Victrix's amazing Peninsular War display game

Great trompe l'oueil backdrop too

Crimean War game with redoubts a-plenty

Lovely Napoleonic Brits...

...awaiting deployment in the Perrys' game

Perry Napoleonics

Alan P. and the lovely display game

Wagram in 6mm

6mm Wagram game

"Britsh Civil War" game as the sun rises ;-)

More 1066 Shieldwalls

Look at all those models!

Spanish Civil War in 28mm
Partizan was fantastic. The quality of the display games was nothing short of excellent in almost every case. There were tons of vendors and it was very cool to meet some of the hobby's "celebrities" in person. This kind of thing might seem a bit silly to hobbyists in the UK who have a choice of shows on almost every weekend, but to a long-time painter and war-gamer like me who'd never attended a big show before, it was pretty special. Highly recommended and I hope to do it again in future!

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