Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15mm Progress

Here's the infantry for my current (and last?) 15mm army. HALO theme. Perhaps a bit simple, but it pretty much has to be simple these days for stuff to get done. Miniatures are Critical Mass, Khurasan, and Blue Moon.

This is another 15mm army I painted just before we moved into the house. It's a high-tech army with grav vehicles meant to fight my Sahadeen army ( Sardaukar from the Dune series was inspiration) . Infantry are Blue Moon. Vehicles are GZG and Combat Wombat.


DaveV said...

Nice work, Mike! I like the sci-fi literature themes for your armies.

Makes me want to do more than just Hammer's Slammers panzers. Maybe a reinforced platoon of Falkenburg's Mercenary Legion from Pournelle's CoDominium furue history, or a unit of Royal Manticoran Marines from the Honor Harrington books?

Greg B said...

No such thing as a "last" collection, man!

Looks great - awesome stuff.

Lead Addict said...

I am doing almost the exact thing for one of my human armies in 15mm.

CMG Light Troops for the normal troops, Orion trroops for the power armor, and the GZG HiMobility wheeled force for the armor. Painted green.

Looks good. Keep it up. And man are you guys prodigious.


Samulus said...

I like this a lot, I've been inspired a lot by your group's various 15mm armies and have started myself with a Robotic force. Ironically your HALO army contains all of the miniatures I'd earmarked for my 'human' army which I'll be working on after this one is done. Great minds...

Lead Legion said...

Very nice work as always.