Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Quick 30k Project - Conversion Beamer for Predator Turret

VI Legion Predator sporting a new main weapon option - a Conversion Beamer.

Just a very short 30k project to share in this post - this is a Conversion Beamer, a weapon option for the Predator tanks in the Space Marine Legions of GW's 30k setting. This weapon fits the turret of the Predator I painted for the VI Legion back in the summer. Steve B had built the model for me - and he is a genius with magnets, so he magnetized the main weapon mount, as Predator tanks in 30k have a few different options in terms of mounting a main weapon. The Space Marines of the VI Legion will now benefit from Steve's skill, because they have a fun weapon option for their tank. 

The modelling genius of Steve B and magnets...options for the Space Wolves.

The Conversion Beamer is yet another Rogue Trader-era weapon given new life in the 30k setting. The weapon is...well...basically a death ray - it turns matter into energy. This weapon works about just about anything - tanks, infantry, protesters, enemy emplacements or positions...certainly seems like something the Mechanicum-types would have enjoyed developing. What could go wrong? The original weapon would remove terrain, walls, buildings etc. which would allow for all manner of whacky circumstances to develop in a game of Rogue Trader. Your commander is safe in a bunker? Well, let's just adjust a few settings here and make a hole...

Stubby but deadly!

In the Horus Heresy, Space Marine commanders can mount these ominous weapons on the Predator tanks and render their enemies down to their component particles. Good times all around!

Very cool that GW's 30k setting includes all of these little shout-outs to the Rogue Trader version of the original game.

My painting desk is, for now, still mostly filled with history-themed gaming subjects, but it was fun to make a quick diversion back into 30k, another little modest addition to a growing arsenal for the loyalist side. It will go into action...who knows, one day. But for now, it looks pretty cool on the shelf as I continue to unpack various figures following the move to Ontario. 

The motor pool of the VI Legion taking shape on the shelf...more to come this winter...


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Dallas said...

Great work dude. I especially like the weathering. Flexible too!