Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Chaplain Tarentus

For my birthday I received the limited edition terminator chaplain Tarentus from GW. It does not bode well for classic marines that the latest addition to the range is a limited edition. Oh well, take what you can get I guess. The model is one of those easy to assemble push fit kits. The model is very well detailed with almost no mold lines, but the push fit gimmick makes it seem a bit cheap (though the price tag will quickly correct that belief). It also doesn’t lend itself well to conversion. I wanted to add some Minotaur insignia to it, but the time commitment for such a small change didn’t seem worth it. It would be nice if you could even slightly adjust the pose to add a little uniqueness.  In the end, I like the model and the details really nice. It also painted up nicely and the push fit meant you could paint the 3 pieces separately and assemble later without issue. I'd recommend it, but that's a bit pointless since it’s no longer available :(


Dallas said...

He looks great, Mike. I especially like the blue cloak!

David Violago said...

Nice looking model.

I hear you about the whole Limited Edition thing. These are plastic models; the steel molds are functionally indestructible against normal usage.