Thursday, November 26, 2020

Ork Fighta Bommerz For Aeronautica Imperialis

Headz up! Here come more Ork flyers!

Back in the summer, I posted about a new project - the re-booted Aeronautica Imperialis air combat game from GW. I predicted this would be a "summer project", and proceeded to...not touch any of the models during the ensuing summer months. Granted, I was busy preparing to move, but that's my squirrel-like hobby brain for you: one minute, something is "the next big project", and suddenly it ends up on the back-burner...oh well, I like to think a lot of hobby folk have the same challenges. :)

Tail guns turrets - both behind the cockpit and right in the tail assembly - provide extra protection.

Since the new version of Aeronautica is a hex-based game, I thought it might have some potential to play over Zoom, and so I dug the stuff out and took a brush to it again. I am still working on models from the starter box. I made a start back in July, finishing the three "Dakka Jets" which had come in the box set, and so I turned to work on the other Ork craft that came in the set, the two "Fighta Bommerz". I finished them off last week. 

You can see some of the underwing ordnance available for these fighter-bommerz.

These craft are more "multi-role" than the Dakka Jets. Where the Dakka Jets are essentially Ork MiGs, the Fighta Bommerz can engage Imperial interceptors and ground targets. They have enough maneuverability to dogfight a bit, and they also have rear turrets for extra protection against enemy interceptors who outmaneuver them. 

You can mount bombs, or extra guns - or both - under the wings to provide some extra flexibility for different missions. These aircraft have no internal bomb bay, so if there is going to be a ground attack aspect to the mission you will need to put bombs or rockets on under the wings. The model kits come with all of the possible options to mount under the wings, but there is no reasonable way to magnetize the weapon mounts on these models, so I just added an assortment - one of the craft has bombs, the other has some extra "shootaz".

From this view you can just make out the smaller "shootas" mounted right into the tail assemblies.

These new models Aeronautic Imperialis models are very, very well done by GW, quite intricate and detailed. The Ork craft are spot on with the current "look" of the 40k Orks, and any fan of the 40k greenskins will likely enjoy the assortment of models available. I find this look to be neat, but also a bit of a struggle to paint, as the slap-dash nature of their construction is one that does not necessarily lend itself to orderly assembly-style painting. The consistency of Ork equipment and vehicles is only very broad and and general, and each one would be a little different in so many ways.

Ready for the "skies" - hope to get a game in with these sometime and try out the new rules!

All this to say that, for smaller models, these took up more time than I would have hoped. That said, I enjoyed the whacky outcome. I am now turning my attention to the Imperial craft from the box set, so the Orks will have someone/something to shoot at. Stay tuned for more on that - in the interim, thanks for visiting the blog - hope you are safe, sane and able to enjoy your hobby amidst the lockdowns. 


Dallas said...

The planes look great Greg - well done. Can't wait to see them flying!

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JamieM said...

Very nice! I think Ork stuff is always a lot trickier to paint than you think and these are excellent. Must avoid getting into Aeronautca....