Sunday, September 13, 2020

VI Legion Predator

Deimos pattern Predator for the VI Legion Space Marines.
Another 30k vehicle rolls off of the painting table in this posting. This is a Deimos Pattern Predator, painted in the colours of the VI Legion Astrates, the "Space Wolves". The kit is a resin-and-plastic hybrid from Forge World.

Decals are glossy, as the model won't get a final Dullcote spray until the fall.
There are scads of different 30k tanks in today's Horus Heresy gaming, and in general they are all awesome and a lot of fun. Many of them are "new" designs. But there is something about the classics. Just like the Rhinos from an earlier post, the Deimos Pattern Predator model carries an old-school, Rogue Trader era vibe to it, one that nostalgia-types like me just love. This specific picture from an old White Dwarf (also in the 40k Compendium) comes to mind when I think of this vehicle specifically for the Space Wolves, and I wanted to add this vehicle to that growing collection.

A classic image of the original Predator from the Rogue Trader days.
Together with the Rhino, the Land Raider and the Whirlwind, the Predator sits at the original core of the armoured forces of the Imperium, and in Rogue Trader days you could find Predators fighting among the regiments of the Imperial Army as well as in Space Marine Chapters. Over time, the Predator evolved into a vehicle designated solely for Space Marine use. GW has updated the plastic model since the Rogue Trader times (and I have to say, the updated model is pretty nice too and it will be sad when it disappears).

The autocannon on the Predator won't really hurt many enemy tanks, but it chews up light vehicles and enemy heavy infantry.
This 30k model might be a throw-back in terms of design, but the options are much more in step with the more modern 30k/40k game, in that the available weapon choices are quite vast. The vehicle I have painted here is sporting the classic auto-cannon, and a pair of heavy bolters on the sponson mounts at the sides. But you can put all sorts of weapons - twin lascannons, melta cannons, flamers, even conversion beamers (!) on to the turret if you like.

Decals from Forge World's Space Wolf decal sheet.
Steve B built this model for me (around the same time he did the Rhinos in the previous post). And as Steve B is a genius with magnets, he built it so I could swap in some of those other more exotic weapon choices - stay tuned for more on that...

Motor pool for The Rout taking shape at the lake this summer.
Since this is the final post for this years edition of "painting from the cabin", I thought I would toss in one more photo of Lake Superior.

Sunset over Goulais Bay and Lake Superior, just before the Labour Day weekend.
Thanks for reading, hope you are safe and sane, wherever you are!


Neil Scott said...

A great looking model

Stan M. said...

Looks great, nice work!

Dallas said...

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing it on the table :-)

Curt said...

Very cool and old school. Lovely brushwork Greg. I'd hate to be the poor slob who has to go out and change those Heavy Bolter ammo drums in the middle of combat. I guess that's what penal units are fore, eh?

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looking great Greg!