Saturday, November 21, 2020

Encore Avec Les 10mm French

Another small batch of 10mm reinforcements for the French of 1870.

Nothing too original or surprising in this post - here are yet more 10mm French infantry for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The castings are from Pendraken. There are three bases of regular line infantry, and a single base of Chasseurs. 

Lovely castings from Pendraken, as always.

While these figures could work for a wide assortment of rules, I am currently working with 1 base = 1 battalion in mind for these 10mm figures, so this post includes enough figures to add another full line regiment and chasseur battalion to my French collection for the period. With that said, many rules are flexible when it comes to their unit scales, so this could just as easily be said to represent a line infantry battalion and a couple of companies of chasseurs...all depending of your flavour of game and scenario.

Chasseurs to the front!

Each division in the French Imperial Army of the era (before everything fell apart after Sedan) included a single battalion of Chasseurs, along with two brigades of infantry, each with (usually) two regiments of line infantry. 

The French Chasseur uniform - blue, trimmed with yellow - not as flashy, but still sharp!

The Chasseurs had different uniforms from their colleagues in the line regiments - no red baggy pants for them. Instead, they wore closer fitting blue trousers, matching the blue on their tunic and their kepi. The uniforms were piped in yellow, and they had green epaulets. Not quite as striking as the regulation uniform of the line troops, but still sharp, in my opinion!

View from the rear, showing the excellent detail on the packs of the French line infantry.

Ready to defend the Empire! Vive l'Empereur!

My 10mm French collection is growing at a slow-but-steady up to six regiments of infantry and two battalions of Chasseurs. Watch for more as the long winter of COVID looms...I may need a short break from the recent run of 10mm work, but overall, there are some big battles I would love to play with the group one day, and that will call for a lot more posts like this. Thanks for reading, I hope you are staying safe and sane, wherever you are!   


Neil Scott said...

Lovely looking additions

Dusty said...

Great job, Greg. I have always been intrigued by the Franco-Prussian War. I even had a few ancestors that served in. The Prussian army in that conflict. However, I am not sure if I could paint minis that small anymore. 🤔

Phil said...

Most impressive details, cracking job on the French!!

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent brushwork Greg.

JamieM said...

Piping on 10mm figures?!?!? I salute your work! These really are smashing and I’ll be they’ll look great with so many on the table at once.

Dallas said...

Excellent work as always dude. Keep crankin' 'em out!

Unknown said...

Fabulous work Greg!