Sunday, November 29, 2020

Bolt Action and Crusader early-WW2 German Infantry and Support Weapons

 While Conscript Dallas was busy painting up his platoon of early war German infantry in preparation for the attack on the Polish Post Office scenario, I was working on a backlog of miniatures by Bolt Action and Crusader, some of which have been based and primed for years, Others were still unassembled in the original box or zipper bag in which they were shipped. Just as an indication of how long these have been on my 'To Do' list, a number of them are no longer in production, or the sculpts have been changed since I bought them.

In total I completed a ten man infantry section, two additional LMG teams, an anti-tank rifle team, a MMG, two mortar teams, a 75mm infantry gun, a 37mm anti-tank gun, and a bailed out Panzer crew.

Bolt Action infantry section

Close up of the rifle group

Close up of the LMG group

Crusader LMG teams, and Bolt Action anti-tank rifle team


Bolt Action 37mm anti-tank gun (Panzerabwehrkanone 36)

Bolt Action 75mm infantry gun (7.5 cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18)


Crusader 50mm mortar teams and MG34 on a tripod

Bolt Action bailed out Panzer crew (OOP) with a Corgi 1/50 diecast Panther

The infantry section, infantry gun, and the MMG will all see action in Danzig at the Polish Post Office. Currently on the work bench are additional support weapons. More to follow.


MFraser said...

This has escalated quickly! Nice job!

Dallas said...

Good looking models there Frederick. I like the diorama bases for the guns. Photos also give an idea of the scale of the post office building - that is all gonna look awesome on the table. Nice work.

Greg B said...

Great work Frederick. It's nice to see some of the older figures in the post, and kinda a bummer that they are no longer available.

Dusty said...

Thanks, guys. In addition to the Bolt Action Panzer crew being out of production, so are all the metal early war German infantry figures. They came as a boxed set, which included the anti-tank rifle team, but when the plastic version was released, all but anti-tank rifle team were discontinued.