Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black Powder update

I continue to chug away with my Black Powder project. The pile of Austrians is large, but I am excited to report that a second battalion is now closing in on completion. They have been based, and I'm just waiting for paint to settle before doing the final dry-brushing and groundwork and then finally adding the banners. Here are a couple of interim progress shots.

This unit is another monster - 38 foot figures and 1 mounted officer. The figures are all from the Foundry range. I find the Foundry castings to be much leaner (especially on the legs) and way less varied than the Sash & Sabre castings from my first unit. But the Foundry castings are very sharp, with excellent detail. It's still an excellent range.

I am also trying to get some officers ready. Curt's magnificent wedding gift has given my Austrian lads an overall command, but nearly all of the game systems require that brigade and/or division commanders of some kind be represented as well. So I have finished painting a general and a flunky, and will try and base them together on a command stand this weekend.

I found the generals pretty tricky to paint, as I was uncertain on the colours and details that show on a 25mm figure which I would never concern myself with on the 15mm or 6mm figures. Still, with enough gold-ish stuff on their saddles, cuffs and sashes, they look like they should be in charge of something. That seems about right for a brigade-level command to me.

Another thing I have found is that I am also really struggling with the horses - I find painting them in 15mm and 6mm to be a breeze, but the furniture etc. is stumping me at the 25mm level. Fortunately there have been very few mounted models so far. I am going to try and get some artwork to inspire me once I get to the cavalry.

No cavalry for now though - still going to work through the infantry. The Grenzer unit is up next - a beefy grouping of 40 models. Stay tuned for more progress. Long weekends are often a good time to paint, so I'm hoping I can get some good progress on the Grenzers through to Labour Day.


Curt said...

Those are looking great, Greg. Another one under the belt! In regards to cavalry and horse tack you may want to check out the Ospreys on the Austrian cavalry arm. Another excellent source is to look for Keith Rocco, Edouard Detaille, and Lucien Rousselot's work online. Their paintings and sketches of the Napoleonic period are beautiful, evocative, painstakingly accurate and will give you some good inspiration. All have compilations that have been published of their work in bound form that are excellent (if somewhat expensive at times).

Dallas said...

Looking great! Don't forget, I've got a pile of Foundry Austrians for you to pick up tonight...

Greg B said...

Oh yeah - reinforcements!