Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's officially a brigade!

Well, two units plus some kind of command base = a brigade! I finished the basing and flags for my second battalion of Austrians, and also based up the two officers I had painted.

Here are some photos. The latest unit is the one in front, with the green facings.

Here is the brigade-level command base:

Now, it is on to the Grenzers. I finished my first "stick" of these guys on Thursday night. Four down, 36 figures to go...

The Grenzers are Foundry figures as well. I will dig through my Foundry pile in the hopes of finding a pack of mounted officers with Shakos...the Hungarian one could stand in for a mounted officer for the Grenz battalion. Failing that, we'll go with all foot-sloggers for this unit.


DaveV said...

Congratulations on the completion of another unit!

These large Austrian units look very impressive.

Curt said...

BooYah! Those look great all ranked-up with their brigadier. Super work. I look forward to seeing the new unit of Grenzers.