Monday, September 6, 2010


As threatened previously, work has begun on the chittering horde of Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Of course, finally seeing the new Skaven models from the eighth edition "Island of Blood" box "in the plastic" helped with motivation.  The first two units to be completed are a 30-strong unit of Clanrats and a 36-rat regiment of Plague Monks (25 shown).  The magic of Devlan Mud and a few choice highlights, plus a colour change on the Monks from purple robes to Knarloc Green - much more pestilential, I think!

Many, many more rats to come, obviously!


Greg B said...

Uh oh - better get some more Empire halberdiers or something, since the cavalry will not get it done with the new rules...

Sigmar said...

I love the banners, esp the blue one with the green warpstone eye.

Are you sure you want to deploy them 5 wide or will you join units together to benefit from the horde rule ? BTW, I agree with Greg B about cavalry not being able to do as much damage in 8th edition rules now (at least not against large steadfast units).

Nice blog, I'll be back :D

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Dallas said...

Thanks for the comments, Sigmar!

I'll be (ab)using the "horde" rule with my Skaven for sure. I'm thinking of running at least one 50-rat unit, with minimum unit size being 30+. I have a ton more Plague Monks and will be including a Plague Furnace with them and/or a Screaming Bell with the Clanrats. Here's my original post with photos of the "army" as I obtained it:

Good sqeaky times!!

Curt said...

Those are pestastic! Great work, Dal. I look forward to seeing the 50-rat 'tercio' that you plan to roll out with.