Monday, August 23, 2010

Command Stand for Greg

As many of you know Greg and Linda tied the knot this past weekend - congratulations you two! I was honoured to be asked to be one of his groomsmen and so had a great time catching up with Dallas, Greg and his brother Clinton (all the while making sure Greg did not get a wandering eye for the rear exit at the last minute).

For this past month, in getting prepared for the wedding, I was at a loss trying to figure out what kind of gift to get Greg. Finally, it dawned on me that he needed some officers 'to-the-manor-born' (to lead his new Austrians to their destruction) and so I made up a command stand depicting Archduke Charles and some of his aristocratic funkies from an old pack I had from Foundry.

I based them up to be compatible with many of the 'Grande Manner' rulesets that have been published recently. I also made sure to heavily pin all the figures to their mounts and quadruple-coat with the varnish just in case Greg feels the need to fling it across the table when my French roll over his boys-in-white... ;)

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DaveV said...

Beautiful piece, Kurt.

Is that a dead Frenchman at the feet of their horses?

Sylvain said...

Nicely done. When I saw the picture with the officers in white, before I read the text, I thought that this was the centerpiece for Greg's wedding cake. :-)

Curt said...

Thanks guys. Dave, that is indeed a Frenchman lying on the base, but he is merely sleeping off a long night overindulging on schnapps and beer. Sylvain, I tried to convince Greg to use it as a wedding-cake centerpiece but he muttered something about the likelihood of spending his wedding night sleeping in the honeymoon suite hot-tub.

Dallas said...

Very nice work. How was the "red-eye" flight back to Regina?

Curt said...

It made for a very long 'night' but it was nice to be sunning on our deck by 11am Sunday (thanks to the time difference). I hope you and Pam had a pleasant and event-free drive home in the deutsche-mobile.