Monday, September 20, 2010

Project "Elfes Sylvains"

This is not a photoshopped image. This is the actual cover of the French version of the Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves Codex. Among the projects I have been considering in the last few years, a Warhammer army was always high in my list of temptations, and among the WH armies I knew there was one with my name on it, literally. Warhammer was also among the many challenges that Curt seeded along our gaming sessions, and with the release of a new edition of the rulebook, I thought that all the ingredients were gathered for me to start a new insane project.

This is what I have so far: 20 Glade Guards ("Gardes Sylvains" in French) and 12 Dryads. The two characters are proxy heroes that will be in command of the army until I get new ones painted. The right hand one died a glorious death in Curt's brutal Fantasy RPG campaign not long ago. The left-hand one is my new character for the next chapter of the campaign.
Here is a close-up of the Glade Guards. This is the first time I am painting a 25/28mm army and the learning curve was not too steep, thanks to all the precious tips that were generously provided by master painter Curto Da Vinci. I've tried various colors for clothes, leather armors and hair. Not all combination of base color/highlights were successful, but I will re-use the best ones for the next batches. I digressed from GW usual bright palettes with sharp contrasts for something darker and a lot more toned done, more in the line of their "Lord of the Ring" collection. I opted for a Fall palette of colors. The next Regiment I will be working on will be a lot more yellowish. If you know a few painting tips that could help me improve my next batch of Wood Elves, please do not hesitate to let me know.

The codex says that Dryads cause fear... This is one skull holding angry plant that I would rather avoid. I've painted the bark and leaves in a way to suggesting Autumn. I found these tree creatures very pleasant to paint. Actually, it was like painting scenery. The base could use more work. From this angle, it looks like the Dryads are walking on a carpet. For the next batch, I intend to use a gel with beads that Curt recommended.
For the "national" colors of my Wood Elves army, I've decided to use the green/yellow duo of the Saskatchewan flag. I thought about green and white, but then I feared that I might get into trouble if I ever play against a Roughriders' fan.

I plan to paint 3 regiments of 20 Glade Guards, 3 "orchards" of 12 Dryads, 2 squadrons of 10 Glade Riders and a few War Dancers, Waywatchers and Treemen. I hope to be finished before Christmas.


Dallas said...

Congrats on the new insane project, Sylvain - looking great!

Greg B said...

Wood Elves - "Only you can prevent forest"...

Curt said...

I really like the dryads. We'll have to get a game when I get back. Maybe I'll dust off my Beastmen so you can feather them with your archers.