Tuesday, September 1, 2020

40k Primaris Hellblasters for Raven Guard

Unleash...hell, I suppose? More recruits for the Raven Guard - "Hellblasters".
More recruits for my small force of Raven Guard Space Marines - these are Primaris "Hellblasters", multi-part plastic figures from Games Workshop. As with the other Raven Guard I have painted recently for 40k, they are embellished with parts and decals from the Raven Guard Primaris Upgrade set from GW. 

A little blurry in the photo...lighting at the cabin is not ideal for photos...
These Hellblasters provide specialized heavy fire support for the Space Marine infantry.  You can pick from three different types of plasma incinerators - one that allows for more mobile firepower, a "standard" variant, or a version that hits a little harder but slows the Marines down. Whichever you choose, I think these primarily would be useful against other very heavy infantry, as the guns themselves are of limited use against vehicles (in that classic GW paradox, they have a very high strength but cause very few "wounds" - have I mentioned how stupid it is that vehicles have "wounds" again? Grumble grumble whatever...). 

This one is a little less blurry...get a better impression of the scary "Plasma Incinerator". 
As with the Intercessors, these multi-part plastics from GW are top-shelf quality, with lots of bits that let you add some interesting variety to the poses while still keeping the same overall "we're here to blast you to pieces" look to the unit. If you like Space Marines, I think you will find something to enjoy with these kits. The whole "story" behind the Primaris Marines does absolutely nothing for me, but just in terms of being something different, well, these are fun. 

I used some spare 30k "destroyer" decals for the hip plates - I thought it matched up well with the scary weapons. 

Assorted pistol holsters, spare weapon components, and the fellow on the left is carrying a bone in a little icon box - because that is what you do when you are wearing power armour and a huge plasma gun. 
I do have one gripe about these specific figures...the "wide stance" of the models. Relentless scale creep is a piss-off, but it is also a fact of the hobby. With these Hellblasters you end up with several figures who can barely fit on the 32mm round bases. I HATE when toes go over the base! It was not that long ago that GW bumped up the size of the bases for the Marines in order to accommodate them...and already they are stepping off (look at the officer in this squad, for example)...irritating. 

But while that is annoying, also very small potatoes...overall these were fun to paint. I look forward to the day where they can take to the table and...immediately be shot to pieces, because that is what happens to newly painted figures! But once that is out of the way, I hope they will render the enemies of The Emperor down to flaming remnants of their component atoms...

"Sure, I have this giant plasma weapon...but I shall blast you with this trusty pistol instead..."

I like the little options in these kits...here we see a bionic arm, little Raven Guard-themed charms hanging from the shoulder pauldron, and of course a little scroll certifying his loyalty to The Emperor.  
There are 10 of these in a box, so I still have five more of these models to paint - another unit. I may give them the heavier version of the plasma incinerator when I get around to building and painting them. But these five fellows are enough to join in a firefight for now. 

Thanks for reading - hope you are safe and well wherever you are!


JamieM said...

I love the way that sargeant “death wish” McGruder isn’t content with wielding one weapon that could kill him instantly on the roll of a “1” and so has checked a second one out of the chapter stores......!

Excellent job on these and I’m with you on overhanging feet - stand with your feet shoulder width apart soldier!

Dallas said...

"Wide stance"... heh. Nice work there dude.

DeanM said...

Great looking Raven Guards, Greg. I do have a weakness for the beaky helmets.