Monday, August 31, 2020

More 40k Primaris Marines for the Raven Guard

Another group of Intercessors for the Raven Guard.
Here is another small, five-model squad of Raven Guard Space Marines for GW's Warhammer 40k setting. As with the batch in the previous post, they Primaris "Intercessors", but they carry a different variant of the bolt rifle - these Marines are carrying the "auto bolt rifle", a slightly-higher-rate-of-fire assault variant of the weapon.

Officer pointing at something to be...appreciated? No...probably something to be shot - in the name of The Emperor, of course. 

Marine with an auto-bolt-rifle, upgraded with an attached grenade launcher...the only "heavy weapon", it seems, that you can add to these squads (at least for now). 
As with the previous squad, the Sergeant is wearing a "beakie" style helmet, and all of the Marines are sporting embossed shoulder plates featuring the Raven Guard symbol. These shoulder plates came from Chapter-specific upgrade kits.

The plastic Primaris Intercessor marine kits lend themselves to these kinds of ominous and forward-moving poses. 

Trusty bolt pistol on the hip, and classic-style "tactical" marker on the shoulder plate.
The bolt rifle looks great, and this version of it, with the large, drum-type magazine, is probably my favourite version of these newer weapons. These plastic multi-part kits are very well done - GW at its best.

I really like how this pose came out...looks ready to lay down some heavy covering fire.

View of the rear, showing the assorted pouches you can add to the Marines. 
As with the previous bunch, these fellows are looking a little glossy thanks to the varnish undercoat I apply underneath any decals in order to prevent silvering effects. The gloss will disappear after a spray of Testors Dullcote, but that won't happen until it's safe to do so once the humidity recedes.  Given that we are at the end of August in Canada, that shouldn't be long now!

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Neil Scott said...

Very nice

Curt said...

Great looking Marines, dude! I love seeing the old Beakie helmet on the veterans/NCOs. Now, if they would just drop this whole 'Primaris' rubbish and make these in Mk III and IV armour...

JamieM said...

Is the officer saying “look, there’s a mint condition RTB01 boxed set, if we assault it you can all have helmets like mine!”

I certainly hope he is.