Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Rhinos For The Rout

APCs for the VI Legion Astrates.
I have been posting a little run of 40k work from the Lake, but for some of the final postings of painting from the summer I turn the settings on the painting desk back ten thousand years and return once again to GW's Horus Heresy.  This year I have been trying to build up a loyalist force from the VI Legion, the "Space Wolves". It's been pretty much all infantry and air support to this point. Time to get a little more serious with some more vehicles, and with that in mind, here are two Deimos pattern Rhino APCs.  These are hybrid plastic and resin kits from Forge World.

The pair of individually-mounted bolt guns - classic Rogue Trader-era look!
The Rhino is a classic Space Marine vehicle, and I really like how these "Deimos pattern" vehicles are essentially throw-backs to the original plastic Rhino vehicle models from the Rogue Trade-era. The two hatches on the front, the round hatches on the side, and the two individual bolt guns mounted on top, ready to carry a squad of ten marines into battle!

FW makes custom doors with Legion iconography...not the cheapest thing to get, but you'll love the results.
The embossed doors are a nice touch from Forge World, I love the effect. The only downside is that I only acquired two sets of doors.  I would like to add a couple more vehicles, but a "plain" Rhino would look a bit poor beside these fine vehicles...oh well :) With everything happening in the world, is that really a "problem"? No.

Rear access ramp showing some wear from heavy use.
 As with all of the figures painted at the lake this summer, these models have yet to receive the final spray of Testors Dullcote - so that is why you can see the gloss coat beneath all of the decals. The application of Dullcote will wait until summer humidity fades (which seems to be happening at record pace this year, but I digress...).

Another view showing the side hatches with the custom Legion symbols - love those.
Once more, I have to recognize and thank Steve B for his help getting these models assembled. Forge World's "fit" is hardly seamless and even a cursory inspection of the photos will reveal the many difficult spots where kits does not exactly come together easily. Steve - I'm sorry it took me so bloody long to get these painted! I believe Steve put these together for me in June of 2019, I think, if not earlier...but at least I got to them eventually :)

Ready to roll out with The Rout!
Thanks for reading everyone - hope you are staying sane and staying safe.


Dallas said...

Excellent looking Rhinos dude. Love the weathering.

MFraser said...

The Forgeworld doors are really nice. Well done!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Well done Greg! They look suitably scruffy