Sunday, September 6, 2020

40k Raven Guard Officer and Standard Bearer

Space Marine Lieutenant and Standard Bearer for the Raven Guard chapter.
One last bit of 40k-themed painting to share from this summer at the cabin - a couple of command figures to lead the little unit of Raven Guard Space Marines - an officer and a "Company Ancient", more obviously known "Space Marine carrying chapter banner". 

Both guns ready!
I generally dislike Space Marine figures who are not wearing their helmets - after all, space is dangerous, The Emperor spent a lot of money creating you, so wear your damn helmet! But leaving the helmet IS an easy way to single out commanders, and in this case the helmet was already cast on to the figure's belt, so I didn't bother trying to convert it. 

Helmet clipped to the belt line on the armour.

Bolt pistol at the ready. I also tried to put some detail on his little "comms unit" built into his wrist. 
Besides, even without the helmet, he still looks scary and imposing, and I have to say I really like the sculpt a lot. He's got his bolt rifle AND bolt pistol handy for action...don't mess with him. 

Skulls and purity seals...all of the things that make for a good banner to inspire a Space Marine unit. 
The detachment is small, but it is still important enough to have a banner! In the grim darkness of the far future, nobody will take your terrifying, power-armoured, genetically-enhanced super warriors SERIOUSLY unless they BRING A FLAG, right? Of course! I know the banners are nuts, but I love the whole idea of it, so naturally had to have one for these fellows. 

Not much to see behind the banner, but he still has all of the usual Space Marine bits (power pack, bolt pistol, etc.)
And he doesn't just carry the flag! He's ready to shoot things with his bolt rifle  as needed.
There are a lot of decals on these figures, and I was glad I still had my 30k decal sheet for the Raven Guard Legion from Forge World, as the otherwise available decals are not that inspiring, to say the least. The Forge World decal sheets cost an arm and a leg, of course (everything from Forge World does, after all), but wow, they are a great resource. 

40k Raven Guard so far...nice little summer project. 
So the painting pace was pretty slow this summer - but to take part in some small 40k skirmishes, the Raven Guard can now put a small detachment into the battle line. Who knows when that will be? Here's hoping one of those COVID vaccines makes the mark soon...

Thanks for reading - have a great long weekend and stay safe. 


Neil Scott said...

A great looking force

MFraser said...

Looks good. Now you just need a flying tank ;)