Friday, September 4, 2020

40k Space Marine Eliminators

Space Marine Eliminators for the Raven Guard Chapter. Plastic figures from GW. 
Giant armoured space troopers with terrifying laser-sniper rifles? Sounds great! And GW's got you covered. The 40k painting parade from the summer at the cabin continues. This is a unit of Space Marine "Eliminators", and it looks like they are well-equipped to live up to their name.  

Taking a careful aim in the name of The Emperor...

The decal is glossy...these figures will get a spray of dullcote when the humidity moves on this fall. 
Of course, when you think of a "sniper", you think of concealment and stealth too, and these models try to invoke that with big cloaks and extra terrain pieces you can add to the bases. Personally, I think the idea that 8-foot-tall genetically-enhanced warriors wearing massive power armour "sneaking" around anywhere is kind of ludicrous, but I do like the idea of Space Marine "marksmen" with terrifying rifles. It's a cool sci-fi concept, these guys dealing well-aimed shots, sowing confusion, even damaging enemy vehicles, while the tactical squads move in to finish things off and wrap up The Emperor's business.   

I particularly love the rifles...the huge scopes, the power coils...all over-the-top, all entertaining.

I tried to throw a bit of a pseudo-camouflage pattern on the cape...but I wanted the cape to match the armour, not the actual terrain, as I don't consider huge power-armoured space marines really needing "camouflage" the time the Space Marines are involved, the time for "camouflage" is long past...
And these weapons are scary! These figures are carrying a "las-fusil", a rifle that will hit very, very hard and I like the bonkers, over-the-top look of these weapons.

Another whacky feature...the scope is wired directly to the eye-piece...again, bonkers and over the top - I like it!

Ready to take a shot...
These models are very nice to work with. Again, you have choices of different variants of rifles you can equip the figures with. My minor quibble would be the fact the shoulder plates are often concealed, so you cannot use the shoulder plates embossed with the chapter symbol, and to the extent they are visible, you need to use the decals. But these are minor quibbles...again, fun multi-part plastic figures.

Thanks for reading - stay safe everyone!   


DeanM said...

Very impressive - love the subtle camo work on the capes.

Neil Scott said...

Very nice

Curt said...

Awesome work dude. I really like the look of those up-scaled laser rifles.