Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Rocket Pod for Imperial Knight

After getting to grips with some rocket pods for my tiny Questoris Knights, I thought I'd better finally finish up the rocket pod I'd bought for my 40K scale Knights!

The item in question is, of course, the pod that comes with the latest version of the Imperial Knight kit - the Knight Gallant/Warden. The Knight shown above is a third-party model from Resinlabs that came with its own (very weedy) rocket pod, but I wanted to have a pod on hand to upgrade this Knight as well as the GW Knight (below) that never had one to begin with.

So to facilitate general back-and-forth swappery, I magnetized the pod and painted it in neutral colours intended to minimize clash of colour schemes.

Looks pretty deadly perched up on the Knight carapace! I painted the pod body with Mechanicus Standard Grey and the trim with Hashut Copper, washed with Nuln Oil, and re-highlighted. The rockets are Mephiston Red highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Metal bits on the pod are Leadbelcher. The pod was also sponged up with Rhinox/black chips.

Here's a better view of the pod top.

A small magnet was sunk into the carapace hole that was apparently put there for this very purpose!

Corresponding magnet in the pod (watch your polarity!) and Bob's your uncle...

Now to rocket some enemies of the Emperor, while maintaining appropriate distancing of course!


Greg B said...

Great work Dallas, well done on these.
We need to get a 30k game in with that retro Knight...

David Violago said...

Well done addition to your armoury. Your knights are my favourite of the larger models, more so than even the Titans.