Saturday, May 16, 2020

Another Squad for the Vylka Fenryka - 30k Space Wolves

Squad of VI Legion Space Marines in Mark III power armour - multi-part plastic models from GW.
I appear have tumbled down a 30k rabbit hole! Suddenly it seems so hard to get any more Prussians from 1870 painted, when instead I can paint yet more Space Marines for GW's Horus Heresy setting! This is a 10-man squad of Marines from the VI Legion, the "Space Wolves", clad in Mark III powered armour. These are multi-part plastic miniatures from GW.

The famous "shark-fin" style missile launcher - a shout-out to the early days of the plastic Space Marines from the Rogue Trader era.
The "Space Wolves" have been thoroughly ruined over the years, becoming insufferable. These days they are, I suspect, a form of self-parody or something. But here I am, painting some more for 30k - and I really enjoy it.

The sergeant has a comb on his helmet - and is carrying a scary plasma pistol and what I like to call a "tickle glove"...
These plastic Mark III marine kits are just great - really tremendous, I love building them, I love painting them. A great way to relax amid a stressful time.

With the exception of the sergeant and heavy weapon gunner, these veteran marine all carry their own chainsword because, as one does...
I find I really love the slab-grey look, contrasted with the dark bronze/gold metallics. The VI Legion marines look menacing, ready to make their stand in the name of the "Wolf King" and the "Allfather".

The fellow in the middle of the front rank in the photo is carrying a flamethrower...good for cooking dinner, AND the enemies of The Emperor.
I started painting Space Wolves when I opted to start with the contents of GWs "The Burning of Prospero" board game, and have been adding a few models to my small contingent of "The Rout" here and there in the years since. This squad is another modest set of reinforcements. This is a veteran tactical squad, with a couple of special weapons for support.

Decals on the shoulder pauldron come from the box game "The Burning of Prospero".
The power armour variants of the Horus Heresy are a great aspect of the hobby - I really like all of them, but I must say I find the Mark III version, with the mix of segments, rivets and plating, to be the coolest and grimmest-looking of the available options.

The plastic parts can fit any other plastic GW Space Marine kit out there, allowing for a number of easy possibilities to customize the figures. In the case of this submission the model with the "shark fin" style rocket launcher is using arms and a back pack from the Mark IV power armour set. Of course there is a large range of Legion-specific bits that work well with the models as well, available from Forge World.

Pattern of markings on the shoulder pauldron denote a "Great Company"...the higher level formation this squad is attached to.
Overall my collection of VI Legion marines for 30k is still pretty small - somehow the overwhelming majority of stuff I painted fights with the Warmaster :) This post sees my Vylka Fenryka collection grow to just 30 marines led by a single character and backed by a solitary Contemptor Dreadnought armour - enough for a very small game, but if I add a few vehicles and some characters, it will become more than enough for a larger game. Stay tuned for more on this soon!


Neil Scott said...

These look great

The Responsible One said...

30K is one of those things I in principle approve of and should really get into, but it's not really played locally and it's a lot of models to get up to a playable force...

Dallas said...

Outstanding looking Space Wolves dude!