Thursday, May 21, 2020

Land Speeder for 30k Space Wolves

Javelin attack speeder for the VI Space Marine Legion, the Vylka Fenryka.
The sci-fi diversions continue! This is a "Javelin Attack Speeder", an anti-grav/skimmer vehicle from the arsenals of GW's Warhammer 30k/Horus Heresy setting. The model is a resin kit from Forge World, GW's sub-unit/division/whatever that is home to 95% of their Horus Heresy products. The vehicle is carrying the colours and markings of the VI Space Marine Legion, the "Space Wolves."

Closer look at the crew - they are wearing Mark IV power armour.
With Space Marine combat kit "light" is a relative term, but this would count as a "light" vehicle for them, skimming ahead for recon duties and flanking actions. For all that "light" sounding role, it still can mount some heavy weapons, and this vehicle has some - a heavy bolter manned by one of the crew, and the option of laser cannons or rocket launchers on the side sponsons of the vehicle. So these speeders can still damage the legion's enemies.

Sensor probe mounted to the front...I am worried about how soon that will get snapped off on the table.
View of the engine mounting on the rear of the craft.
Thanks to magnets, I am able to swap out the missile pods for the laser cannons, depending on the role the vehicle will be expected to play in a given game. This is thanks to the hobby engineering brains of Steve B, who assembled this model for me - for my part, I tend to make a hash of efforts with magnets.

In this photo you can see the rocket pods are mounted on the sponsons.
I quite like the design of this vehicle. Its look is rather different from the other Space Marine combat vehicles - not so brutal, and much sleeker, almost sporty, ready to cruise the town (and then waste said town with laser cannons). The look makes sense given its intended role, but the aesthetic looks as much "Star Wars" as it does grim and dark. It is an interesting mix, and it helps to retain the different/apart look for the miniatures set in the Horus Heresy setting vs. the models set in the "current" Imperium of the 40k setting.

Maybe only one quibble with the design...the long sensor probe mounted on the bow of the craft. It looks cool, but is exactly the sort of thing that will be snapped off, and almost impossible to remount, on the gaming table. Oh well...

Another view of the crew, and the housing for the mysterious sci-fi drives.
Adding a vehicle, even a "light" one, always makes a force a little more "serious", and I'm enjoying this diversion into 30k painting subjects. We'll see what comes next from the painting table. Thanks for reading! Hope you are safe and healthy, wherever you are.


Dallas said...

Needs more fur pelts and wolf skulls... j/k. Love what you're doing with the Wolves, this vehicle looks great dude.

joe5mc said...

Looks fantastic!

MFraser said...

Wow! Your paint job really inspired Unknown soldier!

Simon Quinton said...

Looks good dude. I agree it needs some wolfish adornments adding!

Neil Scott said...

A great looking kit

David Violago said...

Great looking model. The sleek lines do set it apart from the chunkier skimmers of the "current" 40k timeline.

DeanM said...

Impressive model and Space Marines, Greg. Clean and crisp painting.