Thursday, October 21, 2021

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists

More Rebel reinforcements for "Star Wars Legion" - the Rebel specialists.

Let the glory of collection escalation continue! The Conscripts have a wide assortment of hobby interests, but when some of us get going on a similar project, I find the progress of others inspires me to move along, and the "Star Wars Legion" momentum, stoked so patiently by Dave V, seems to have taken off. After finishing the Rebel infantry from the "Star Wars Legion" Core Set, I thought I would knock off the figures from the Rebel Specialist pack as well. These are all plastic figures from the relevant Fantasy Flight Games box set - a Rebel officer, communications specialist, an astromech droid and a medical droid.

The officer and the communications specialist painted up pretty quickly, as the muted colours for the Rebels were all handy on my painting table, and their uniforms share many elements with the regular troopers.

Senior Rebel officer for "Star Wars Legion".

The Officer is clearly meant to be a senior commander. The sculpt looks more like a "giving a briefing on the base" type officer, as opposed to a "leading the attack" sort of officer. I can see him standing in front of some manner of holographic projection, or observing an operation in progress. All the same, he can act as an HQ element for a Rebel force in "Legion", allowing you to have a more anonymous sort of commander, as opposed to one of the heroes of the story.

Rebel Communications Specialist - view of the comms unit.

The communications specialist is a very nice sculpt - and she is well armed two, with two blasters. Perhaps the extra blaster is for use in case she needs to deal with droids?

Good pose, a nice sculpt here from Fantasy Flight Games.

Speaking of, we come to the droids from this set. Ah, droids. I pretty much enjoy the droids in the Star Wars universe - with the notable exception of 3P0. The Conscripts are familiar with my many and varied rants regarding 3P0. We have played, many, many games set in the "Star Wars" universe over the years,  and I have tried to destroy 3P0 in the game any time I ever had the chance. 3P0 can suck it. In one game, he received an orbital strike courtesy of General Veers! A top Conscript gaming memory, that is for sure!

But I digress...let us leave the completely useless brass turd that is 3P0, and consider these two more anonymous droids. We all recognize the medical droid...somehow I expect the bedside manner would be slightly unnerving. My painting efforts on his eyes were mixed at best, and the outcome seems to me to reinforce the view that the droid will try to help, but pretty much calculates that you are a moron to get hurt in the first place. All the same, when you are up against Darth Vader, I'm sure the Rebels will take all of the medical help they can get!

Rebel medical droid and astromech droid, ready to support the fight for freedom in a galaxy far, far away.

An then there is a cute little astromech droid. I know they have specific roles and benefits in the "Legion" game, but in general I think of these  as nice accent pieces or perhaps objectives for a scenario. There is always some kind of file stuck in the memory of an astromech droid, right? Maybe plans for a new Imperial weapon, or perhaps a record of Director Krennic's online search history? Either way, critical for the Rebellion to secure that info!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more "Star Wars Legion" very soon - from me, and, I suspect, others as well! Thanks for reading!


Dallas said...

Great looking models dude! Have you seen the third-party 3D-printed "armed medical droids" models? Now THEY are super-scary!

MFraser said...

Very nice work! I especially like the droids!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Completely useless brass turd… you made my day Greg ­čśé
Most excellent painting as well of course and I really dig that Astromech